K. Daniels is the author of two published novels, “Three Days in Purgatory” and “A Reason to Run.”  Both are women’s fiction, but with a heavy emphasis on suspense and fast-paced action. Currently K. Daniels is completing her third novel she considers to

Dear Dani

Dear Dani Need impartial advice some might consider harsh? Dani-K may not be licensed, but she’s been giving out advice her entire life whether people want it or not. As a result, famous people often ask for advice because they are surrounded

Talls & Smalls

Talls and Smalls debate current events that are sometimes difficult and other times amusing. *Warning-The thoughts and opinions of Talls and Smalls do not necessarily reflect MyComedyTherapy. We make no promises to the accuracy, completeness, significance, or validity of their comments.

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