The Law of Attraction Can Get Arrested

Image this, you are in a bar and see an incredibly sexy man or woman across the non-smoky room. You smile. They smile back. Over a game of darts, you learn something very important about this incredibly hot and charismatic individual – they are completely wrong for you!

Your values and goals, hopes and dreams, are not in line whatsoever. She works days. He works nights. She’s never been married. He’s been divorced twice. She wants kids. He’s had a vasectomy. She has massive debt. He has a criminal background. Common sense should prevail, but dayum, the chemistry is through the roof!

Fear not, scientists have discovered “exciting” news in the law of attraction arena. Humans have “a lot” of control and volition when it comes to our romantic tastes, even though preferences comes from millions of years of deep rooted ancient biological demands.

“It’s true that evolution drives our desires even in modern times,” explained one scientist. “And that explains why I like women with big butts. But in this day and age, it’s also important to look for a woman who can actually get a job.”

So how do you change your type if your type is a bad type? Studies show that Americans are not necessarily more superficial that others, but Americans have a deeper level of understanding of said shallowness. And here’s where it really gets “interesting,” studies show that humans don’t really want what they think they want.

“Crazy, right?” said one of the female researchers. “I thought I wanted a hot guy who made lots of money, but when I actually went out with that guy and discovered he was a total asshole, it was kind of a turn off. Kindness is a wonderful virtue, but I’m learning how to deal with his mood swings, so fingers crossed this goes long term.”

Mostly it’s a matter of trial and error and time to discover what we genuinely need in a mate. The quirky guy who fixes your computer at work? The plump girl who loves MMA and IPA? Give them a chance. Scientists confirm that over time when an individual who has attributes we admire become more attractive to us.

“It’s true,” a lab tech chimed in. “This girl at work wouldn’t give me the time of day until I showed her how to get the creditors off her back. And she finally agreed to go out with me after she took me to get a new haircut and made me buy cool clothes. I’m proud to say she’s now my girlfriend.”

The takeaway is confidence is very attractive, no matter how average looking you might me. But here’s something that will make most of us feel better. Studies show that being too beautiful has a downside. These individuals often struggle for years finding their equal because their pool of eligible mates is drastically limited. Boo-hoo!

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Breaking News! The Law of Attraction Can Get Arrested
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