Do you ever find yourself saying this? In today’s world we have many of the WTF moments whether it’s in pop culture, politics or every day life. Tune in to see who or what is making us scratch our heads and say WTF.


January 23, 2018

Topic: Megyn Kelly You Aren’t Doing Yourself any Favors

At first I didn’t care for NBC’s new morning show, Megyn Kelly Today. I watched her first show when she announced the show would be a politics-free zone, and I thought, WTF? That’s like Dr. Oz announcing his show would be a medical-free zone. If it’s what you know, why aren’t you capitalizing on your strength?

Megyn Kelly Today got off to a slow start and the best thing to happen to her was the Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, and Matt Lauer scandals. Megan had stumbled onto her new platform. And not a moment too soon. Did you see the botched interview with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford? Megyn tried to make the interview about Jane’s plastic surgeries, and Jane wasn’t having it. If only Megyn had done something interesting like ask Robert Redford why he’s decided not to give into the pressures of Hollywood perfection (like Jane has) and that would have been a unique spin on the same old question. But she didn’t, and like I said, Megyn eventually found her grove with the #metoo movement, even though Gretchen Carlson is more of hero in that arena than she is.

Flash forward to yesterday’s show and I’m ready to quit her. For some reason, Megyn Kelly decided to fire back at Jane Fonda for being “offended” by her questions about plastic surgery. Here’s the thing, Jane gets to decide what offends her, not you Megyn. Just like actresses no longer willing to be asked “who they are wearing” on the red carpet. It’s boring and tells us nothing about who they are and what about that role appealed to them.

But Megyn crossed a line yesterday, and that offended me. With the camera pointed at her, she went after Hanoi Jane. Believe me, I think what Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War was treasonous, but Fonda has apologized for this and said it’s is her single, greatest mistake in her life so far. (Going on Megyn Kelly Today comes in second.) But for Megyn to compare her right to ask about plastic surgery to the Vietnam War was disproportionately out of line.

I suspect Megyn Kelly lost a lot of viewers after Monday’s show. But as often happens, people come will forget and some may come back. In the event that Megyn Kelly doesn’t get cancelled, I would really appreciate if she would just take the high road from now on. The #metoo and #timesup movements should be about women supporting women. Not about going after women who embarrass you because you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. You can do better than this, Megyn. Report the story, don’t make the story about yourself.


January 16, 2018

Topic: I Can’t Access Google Arts & Culture Museum Match

Have you heard about the latest app to go viral? It’s the museum portrait matching from Google’s Arts & Culture. After you download the free app and take a live selfie (sorry-no old ones you strategically posed for) the app will search over 1200 museums in 70 countries to find the portrait that looks most like you. Some of the matches are uncanny and some are downright hilarious. At the top of the photo it will tell you the percentage of the match you are to what they found. Some people don’t get the same gender or the same age, but wouldn’t this be fun to try out? Unfortunately when I downloaded the app the “Let’s Get Started” section for the portrait matching didn’t exist. WTF! After some research I learned this option isn’t available outside the United Stated. But the think is I live in Houston, and though some people might to refer to my city as a shithole country, technically I am still in America. I gave a shoutout on Twitter to Google but so far there’s been no response. This app has been around for over a year, but this new craze is apparently catching them off guard to say the least. Waah! I want to waste an entire day taking selfies and finding my museum doppelganger because so far I only wasted half a day discovering I am “region blocked.” Sounds like cock-blocked, am I right? In the meantime, enjoy this clip from Jimmy Kimmel using it with hilarious results here.



January 9, 2018

Topic: Roseanne Barr for President?

As if politics aren’t crazy enough right now, Roseanne Barr is declaring she would make a better president than Oprah Winfrey. But the outspoken comic didn’t stop there, she also said she’d make a better president than Trump. WTF! So how did this come about? After receiving the Cecil B. DeMill award, and giving the speech heard round the world, everyone (at least in Hollywood) is on the “Oprah for President” bandwagon. Flash forward one day to Barr’s first major press conference prior to the reboot of the show Roseanne where she told reporters “I think I would be a better president than Oprah or Susan Sarandon, possibly even President Trump.”


Whatever you think of Trump, whatever you think of Oprah, and I’m not even going to bring Susan Sarandon into this, but when America finally has our first female president, you’ve got to be smoking crack to think it will be the uncouth, foul-mouthed spitting after mangling the American anthem, Roseanne Barr. But I get it. I can take a joke because that’s exactly what this is – a joke. She’s a comedian and Barr knows how to shake things up and create attention for her show that returns on March 27 on ABC. The show premiered back in 1988 and was a mega hit during a time when Americans became sick of watching rich people shows like Dynasty and Dallas. Time will tell if this time around the show will be a success, plus they have a major hurdle to overcome – explaining how Dan Conner played by the great, John Goodman, has been resurrected from the dead. (Please don’t make it a dream.) And for the record, Oprah has said she won’t run, though remember what they say about a woman’s prerogative.

January 5, 2018

Topic: From Never Hot to Always Not

This week’s WTF moment came when I was perusing the upcoming new reality shows. Mama June has got herself another show. WTF? From Not to Hot was renewed for a second season, but this time she’s documenting her journey in the adult world of pageants. Woman – don’t nobody want to see you in a beauty pageant. And as for dieting secrets – she claims not to have any. Woman – we all know you paid over $50K for that new body, face, and horse teeth. There’s no secret there. Mama June

Another not so well kept secret is this season Mama June is officially off the market. Oh darn!, said no one at all. His identity is being kept a secret for now, but fingers crossed he’s not another child molesting predator.  Of the 300 pounds Mama June “lost” she says she’s only gained back 10 pounds. WTF? The new show starts on January 12 on WEtv, like anyone cares, but if you want to check in with Honey BooBoo, she’ll be there, too, bless her heart. With so many other great shows to watch right now, I’m betting this will not be a ratings magnet.