New Project Runway

On this week’s episode of Project Runway, the designers find themselves on Broadway to the musical production of Finding Neverland. Many have never seen a Broadway musical before. Matthew Morrison, the star of the show is there to introduce the next challenge. All the designers pretend they know exactly who he is. The challenge is to watch the musical and believe in themselves. Swapnil acts all happy, but you know he’s wondering if there’s an intermission for his ciggy-break. Merline is shocked that not only are they at Finding Neverland, but they get to watch it, too. The sky’s the limit for their challenge as long as their sky doesn’t exceed $250 at Mood.


The following morning at Mood, Tim Gunn warns the designers not to get too costume-y with their garments. Edmond is selecting bright colors. Danger ahead, Edmond! Laurie buys an interesting fabric with silver circled cut-out. This can go one of two ways; really cool or really awful. Merline is struggling, and surprise, surprise, Candice aka Natasha Fatale from Rocky and Bullwinkle, is incorporating black fabric throughout her design. A not-so-fun fact about Candice, her parents were drug users. If that’s where she draws her talent from, I wonder if she’d trade it all for normal?


Tim comes back into the workroom with a very somber expression. He’s so serious, I’m worried someone has died. He grimly announces that at this point, a very good designer will be going home. Thanks for playing, “Tell Us Something We Didn’t Already Know,” Tim. The pressure is now upped a few notches.

After working a few hours, Swapnil included, it’s time for the Tim Gunn Review! Swapnil is thinking dreamy and fluidity, but has a static problem on the black-plaid top. Tim has high hopes in Swapnil who is no longer working at 40%. Kelly’s plan is to bring a new twist to an old fav. At this stage her dress looks like lingerie with a green-lace bathrobe. Merline has lost her mojo. I’m pretty sure it’s with her marbles, but for once I like the black, long dress she is creating. Ashley is making an ombre’d mermaid dress that’s white and the top and fades to burgundy with loofah sponges at the bottom. Tim is worried. She might be the new Joe. And when Tim gives Laurie advice for her silver circle top and old lady wool bottom, she discards it immediately, opting for her own superior knowledge. Girl needs to learn to take criticism!

After the commercial, we continue with Lindsey as she explains how she is out of her comfort zone. When is she not? I want to shake her and say, “Snap out of it.” But she won’t listen. Lindsey has chosen what looks like emerald green satin. Tim gives Lindsey false hope when he says she’s on the right track. Edmond has two outfits. One is black pants and a black crop top. Gorgeous The other outfit is a bluish-purple, puffy jacket. It’s dramatic. Tim is concerned. Really, Tim? Edmond just watched Finding Neverland and made a purple, puffy cloud. Makes total sense. And Candice is trying to force a square peg in a round hole with her black dress that is modern and old-fashioned. Pick a side.

When the designers return the following morning for their finishing touches, Ashley looks like a giant lilac popsicle. Her hair and clothes match. Have you ever noticed that the designers can create such beautiful pieces, but their own clothing selections are…what’s the word…horrible?

Tim comes in and gives the designers one-hour to get their models to the hair and make-up studio. Everyone is running behind. And speaking of behind, Laurie’s model is not only exposing her ass, but the circled top reveals her nipples, too. I’m trying to think of the perfect place to wear such a disaster, but can only think of places with red lights.

It’s time for the runway show! Heidi introduces the judges, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and guest Coco Rocha, model and author with a biting tongue. She should host the All-Stars. It’s an anonymous show, blah, blah, blah, like it’s not obvious who the designers are as the beam like they’ve just given birth.

Swapnil – His black plaid top is sculpted with swirls and the soft pink skirt somehow works with it. The design is couture and looks expensive.

Ashley – Girl, you got problems. This is a bridesmaid’s dress gone wrong. The hem is dropping and the top doesn’t fit.


Candice – Her off-the-shoulders design looks like something I’d wear to the Renaissance festival, though I’d be the best dressed wench there. I want the leather bustier.

Kelly – This dress actually turned out cool. She created a black, mini dress and the green lace was turned into a long jacket. And bonus, she made black gloves.

Laurie – Threw a jacket together to cover up her many, many mistakes. The model is clearly wearing nip-patches. So tacky. She will definitely be in the bottom three and might go home over this.


Merline – She got over her anxiety that the long, black dress was too simple. The shoulders have an architectural aspect. It’s like a fierce, Goth wedding dress.

Lindsey – Made a slightly better bridesmaid’s dress than Ashley. The green, short in the front, long in the back ensemble has a pillowy waist, giving the model more girth to that area. She’s going to be in the bottom three again.

Edmond – The model is stunning in the purple, puffy jacket. Halfway down the runway she removes her jacket and reveals the amazing black crop top and cigarette pants tailored to perfection.

The judges have made their decision and ask Merline and Swapmil to step forward. They are safe. Yay! Swapnil’s plans to coast until the end are working. The judges speak to the remaining designers. Here are some of the top comments from the judges:

Ashley – Prom gone wrong. Not doing the model any justice. Disaster.

Kelly – A little costume-y. It would photograph well. The green lace fabric saved it

Laurie – This is not Tinkerbell, this is Tinkerhell (Award for line of the night to Nina!)

Lindsey – An experiment gone wrong. Boring. Hopeless.

Edward – Love the pants. Hate the purple, puffy jacket. Dramatic.

Candice – Beautiful. Impressive. Brava. Loved that it was off-the-shoulders.

When the designers leave so the judges can rip their designs apart take a closer look at the garments, it’s obvious who the tops and bottoms are. Top: Kelly, Edward, Candice. Bottom: Ashley, Laurie, Lindsey. Heidi is shocked by Laurie’s lack of design and poor execution. The question is, will Tim used his Tim Gunn Save on Laurie?


Heidi calls the designers back. The winner is: Candice! Girl’s got two under her belt now. And the loser is: Lindsey! At first I was like, WTF?! I want a recount. Laurie’s design was a complete disaster. Complete. But I see how the judges are thinking. They’re tired of giving Lindsey yet another chance to prove herself. No question that Tim Gunn will not use his save.

Auf Wiedersehen, Lindsey!


RECAP Project Runway – Episode 8 – Broadway or Bust