“The Seven Year Switch.” Have you heard of this one? Four couples who are at a “crossroads” in their relationship agree to swap partners with someone who is matched scientifically to them, for two weeks. (Deep, judgmental sigh.) Where do I begin?

I’ll begin with my credentials. I’ve been married to the same guy for many years. I’d like to think I’ve earned a say so on “crossroads.” Overall, my philosophy is that you need to push through these times, especially if you have children. Take a vacation. Learn a new skill. Join a weekly/monthly activity. Do this with and without your spouse. This does not apply to couples dealing with addiction or infidelity. You need more help.

As for the show, the only thing two weeks will accomplish is more confusion. Even with their tedious exercises and ridiculous challenges. The grass will appear greener at first, even if it’s just that spray dye the folks in California are using to deal with their dry, brown lawn due to the drought. And now that I think about, that’s a fair analogy of these marriages.

There is scientific data to support that relationships, personal heath, careers and residential locations, undergo a metamorphosis of sorts every seven years. The person that was only contemplating divorce before this experiment, will likely feel stronger about their decision to go forward with it. The person that wanted to shake things up a bit to inspire change, will regret it. And the person on the fence, will be even more screwed up.

But this show is only the second stupidest experimental show ever to be conducted on television. The first, which has run twice, is Married At First Sight, where all of the couples’ on the second season divorced.

Bottom line: don’t go on a reality show to save your marriage. Some things should remain personal and private. But if you want to laugh at the ridiculous, watch the reruns on fyi.

Stupidest show on television ever
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