The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize I was blue. Rain was threatening. I was busy and a little stressed out from running late, but not blue. Can I just say the Houston traffic sucks. But after 2 ½ hours with these majestic creatures, all special in their own way, even the tarantulas, and my spirits lifted like the clouds and rain. Disclaimer: Go on a weekday!

A good friend was in town and wanted to see the newborn giraffe. We had tried a month earlier, but the near flooding rain caused us to cancel. The newborn giraffe wasn’t as new, but we were trying again and rain was in the forecast again. But only after several steps in the zoo, my jaw successfully unclenched.

It was the sea lions that did it – and how can you not smile when they slide on their bellies, single file, into the water. It was like that at each habitat, the elephants, the lions, the bears, (the Oh-my’s) the rhinos, gorillas, zebras, giraffe’s, were all active and playful. That’s when it hits you, nature is fucking awesome.


Even though the animals live in captivity, they seem happy. To me, elephants always have smile.  It’s a good day swimming in a pool or blowing dirt on your back without worry? Isn’t that what everyone wants? To blow dirt on their back? In the meantime, go to the zoo and you won’t be blue – but you might be red if you forget your sunscreen or green with envy because your day doesn’t consist of eat, sleep, play – but definitely not blue.

Feeling Blue? Go to the zoo!