Sorry for the very misleading title, but that’s how I felt about attending this year’s Odd Ball Comedy Festival in The Woodlands, Texas. The number one reason I went to this event was to see Amy Schumer – even if Amy Schumer wasn’t the headliner. No disrespect to Aziz Ansari, but practically everyone else at the pavilion was there to see Amy Schumer, too. Officially, Amy was the “very special guest star” but  Aziz’s photo and name on the marquee were much bigger, so isn’t that special.

Hey, I get it. At the time the comedians were booked, Aziz was coming off the hit show Parks & Rec. He’s quick with a joke or to light up your smoke, as Billy Joel would say, and an improv genius. And Amy Schumer was minding her own business working on a little screenplay called Trainwreck. So, I totally get the decision they made. #sarcasm

The OddBall festival is now three years old. In 2013 the headliner was Dave Chappelle; in 2014 it was C.K. Louis. Both very funny guys. Next year, who knows, dare I say, a woman will headline. I think we can all agree Amy Schumer will probably be too busy hanging out with Mr. Bradley Cooper, but hopefully there will be another well-deserving stand-up comic primed and ready to go. Let’s talk about this year’s show!

The first thing to know is that Amy killed it. That’s most important. But before the main show, her show, there were other comedians on a smaller stage. Local talent were given about 10 minutes in the beer garden which is good because we were a captive audience as we stood in very long lines to get pretzels and beer. Some comedians were painful to watch, not going to lie. But there were a couple of stand outs. What was the difference? The good ones had acts that were polished and rehearsed. One guy seemed like he was up there winging it. And to them I say, anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Jeff Ross, king of roastmasters, did a great job in between the comics, but Jeff, I gotta ask, what happened to your hair? Bald is not for everyone. The main stage line-up was awesome. Ashley Barnhill, Anthony Jeselnik, TJ Miller, and Aziz also crushed it. Everyone had their shtick. The bravest comic without a doubt was Bridget Everett. Remember her name. Her shtick is: drunk bimbo who can sing. Girl be funny! Sparkly red dress short enough to give crotch shots to the first few rows, boobs hanging for days, but the voice of an angel – if that angel is a chain smoker.

I will go again and again to Odd Ball Comedy Festival regardless of who is headlining. A night of non-stop laughter is good for the soul, good for the spirit and good for our abs. I swear, it’s like I did a hundred stomach crunches, I laughed so much. A huge thank you to all the comedians risking their dignity for our enjoyment. You guys (and gals) rock!

My night with Amy Schumer