I don’t know why I like the month of October so much. It’s not my birthday month. I have no anniversaries or children’s birthdays to celebrate. I’m not even an avid Halloween celebrator. I just really like the month of October.

Maybe it’s the break from the oppressive heat that permeates like a flannel blanket. Where I live summer’s are two things: hot and humid. By October though, there’s usually a ten degree drop in heat and with lower humidity, we can move beyond out air conditioned buildings and venture outside.

And the festivals. Have you noticed how many are held in October? Go to Wurstfest and drink great beer. Go to Italianfest and drink great wine. Go to Greekfest drink whatever they drink. Personally, I’d like to find a Russianfest so I can try the vodkas. There is no reason not to celebrate another culture every weekend.

And have you seen the how the leaves change colors? If you’re lucky, you are seeing them change right now. If you’re not, drive to an area and check it out before they “fall” to the ground.

And finally, October is the last month without the pressure of the upcoming holiday season. I know many dress up in elaborate costumes, throw parties, and go trick or treating for Halloween, but it’s on the 31st. You have a thirty day reprieve until then.

There’s something cool about all the months, but some, like August, I wish were shorter, maybe only 15 days. But October is the month that I am most happy to see again and again. Welcome back, my friend.

Ode to October – I’m so happy to see you again