We are down to six designers, and this week’s challenge is one of the most difficult because it involves real people with real bodies. The designers will create a look for the “Project Runway” female crew. This look must go from workday-ordinary to runway-extraordinary. The crew and designer teams have been preselected. This will be a two-day challenge. Yay! Plenty of smoke breaks for Swapnil.

Swapnil working 10

The designers meet with her clients to discuss their looks. Merline is not on the same page with her client, who is terrified of her. Ashley’s client requests a design she’s already created. Her client is also plus size. Edmond’s client wants a raincoat. Candice wants something fitting and her client is on board. Kelly wants to make sophisticated overalls for her client, as if there is such a thing. Swapnil’s client wants to keep her arms covered.

The fabric selections by the designers at Mood scattered and dull. Ashley’s fabric is a purple abstract mistake. Back in the workroom, Ashley succumbs to tears and you know her lack of confidence will be her undoing. The crew-clients will also be receiving hair and make-up transformations as well. So there’s that.

AShley crying 10

It’s time for the Tim Gunn Review! He will be critiquing the looks along with the client and they will have their first fitting. Sounds like nothing will go wrong at all! Kelly is first. Her client likes the maroon, leather overalls. Tim suggests a second piece. After the fitting, her model says she feels like she has a long vagina and doesn’t want diaper butt. Very reasonable. Candice is making a corset and pencil skirt. Tim says he’s profoundly underwhelmed. He compares her look to oatmeal. Merline’s client is not impressed. Tim says don’t compromise, marry the visions. The jacket practically swallows Merline’s client. Ashley’s client wants sleeves, but Ashley didn’t listen. Tim doesn’t care for Ashley’s design and she cries again. Edmond’s client so far likes where he is going. Tim warns of camel toe and a pizzazz-less rain coat. Tim becomes flustered with frustration at Edmond and all the designers at this point. But Tim has saved his aggravation for Swapnil when he has nothing for the client to try on, too busy smoking, talking, eating, goofing off, staring at the artwork, pulling threads from fabric, and praying to his 10,000 gods. It doesn’t matter because the client hates the modern, leather, wrap shirt. Tim begins to curse and drop f-bombs. He asks a question to Swapnil never before asked in the history of #ProjectRunway, “Why are you here?” Goodbye to ever getting the Tim Gunn Save, Swapnil.

Make it work 10

The designers feel depleted but rally around one another. Let’s face it. Nobody had a good review. Tim comes back in the workroom to explain why he was so hard. He loves everybody! As a treat, he’s going to provide the designers with one more fitting.

It’s runway time! Heidi introduces the judges. As always, Nina and Zac are there. The guest judges, Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer, are from the Lifetime show UnReal. Maybe you’ve seen it – scripted show about the behind the scenes drama of a mock “The Bachelor.” Let’s start the runway show.

Kelly—her client looks confident in her maroon leather overalls and jacket. Believe it or not, it’s sophisticated. Who’da thunk?

Winning look 10

Edmond—his client doesn’t look happy in her black dress with multi-colored woven neckline. The raincoat is distracting. Hair looks great without the gray.

Swapnil—his client is trying to work-it in the black skirt with ruffles down one side and baby blue winged top. Unfortunately she can’t give the dead outfit life.

Candice—her client looks fierce from a distance. The garment has some fit issues and this look no way is something that can be worn to the workplace unless that workplace is a strip club.


Ashley—her client looks like better than I thought she would. The plum top has sleeves now and the peplum skirt on the purple abstract fabric isn’t as hideous as I thought it would be.

Ashley 10

Merline—her model worked it! She shaved the left side of her hair and colored it strawberry blonde. The black sleek skirt is tight and the top has an opening in the back. The jacket is boring and should have been discarded.

Merline 10

The clients are brought out to stand by their paired designers. Heidi thanks the crew for “rocking the runway.” Here are the judges top comments:

Kelly (Client loved it) Hallelujah you edited properly! Modern and sophisticated. Elevated sportswear. Tush looks great.

Candice (Client enjoyed it) Looks cheap. Red light district. Clothes are wearing client. Where is she going, comic con? Boobs don’t look good.

Candice 10

Edmond (Client feels great) Jacket looks borrowed. Too many elements. Not an effortless look. Piping on raincoat is all wrong.

Edmond 10

Merline (Client likes it) Everyone loves her hair. The jacket is the most high-end piece. Skirt is pulling and unsophisticated. Jacket should have been a vest.

Swapnil (Client doesn’t feel confident) Keeps having time issues. One trick pony. Outfit is boring. The cape/blouse is tied in the back. He doesn’t care.

Ashley (Client has grown to like color) Not best proportion for body type. Very disappointed. Silhouette is not flattering. The print is downright ugly.

The designers are sent out of the room so the judges can dissect the outfits closely. After the discussion, Heidi feels two designers should go home. This would certainly send a message, but is it necessary since the one guy quit to go put his doggy down? The judges have made their decisions and call the designers back out.

The winner is Kelly! Congrats, Kelly, though you don’t get immunity because those days are gone. Edmond and Merline are also safe and leave the runway. I can’t believe Merline pulled off another save and is still on the show.

Kelly 10_

The first designer going home is…no surprise…Swapnil! Congrats you get to smoke all you want now. Will anyone else go home? Ashley is told she missed the mark. Candice is told her look is cheap. Psyche! They’re both safe. No one else is going home tonight, just Swapnil. But wait. Will Tim Gunn use his Tim Gunn Save? Hell no! Will this be the first season since the Tim Gunn Save was instated that Tim Gunn doesn’t use it? Time will tell, in the meantime…

Swapnil 10

Auf Wiedersehen, Swapnil!

RECAP Project Runway – Episode 10 – Crew’s All In