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We are down to the final four on Project Runway leading up to New York Fashion Week. Everything is on the line for Ashley, Candice, Kelly and Edmond, who are gathered for the announcement of the next challenge. Heidi makes her entrance and tells them she needs Tim Gunn’s help. He makes an entrance with the tickets for the designers to fly to Los Angeles. The challenge is to create a red carpet design using LA as their inspiration. Will the designers’ fabric choices be the color of  haze? Gray can be very sophisticated, you know.

Epi 12

Flash forward to LA, Tim brings the designers to a Best Western hotel to tell them the winner of this challenge, besides moving on to NY fashion week, will receive 100 nights at any Best Western in the world. But wait, Tim has another surprise. He then takes the designers to a home in the Hollywood Hills with a view a to die for – especially if there’s an earthquake. A red carpet “expert” is there to give them the worst advice ever. She says: take a risk.

Strategically speaking, this is not the time to take a risk. This is the final challenge before fashion week.  This is the time to be safe. Just say to yourself, “What would Swapnil do?”

The designers have two days for this challenge and $400 to spend at L.A. Mood. Kelly picks a sequence fabric. She is inspired with V for valley and wants to create her own textile design for her big, long grey and black gown. Edmond selects a rainbow-colored sequence and wants to create an old Hollywood feel. Ashley picks a bronze sequence and plans an asymmetrical dress with corset. And finally, Candice picks black sequence and will design something with an open back and train. Uh-oh! I’m beginning to suspect the designers think their red carpet challenge is for a children’s dance recital!

Epi 12 Better Edmond

Edmond scraps his rainbow gown, and I totally agree, the fabric is pageant, not red carpet, and he will now focus on a purple mess design instead. In a talking head moment, Candice confesses that she thinks the final three will be herself (of course) Edmond, and Kelly. And Ashley, in her own TH, feels she’s “come a long way” baby. Kelly is yammering away as she forges ahead on her textile V creation.

Epi 12 Girls

It’s time for the Tim Gunn Review! He begins with Candice and says, “Why the gold trim?” He recommends ix-naying the train on her black gown. Tim says she has the opportunity to create “magic.”

Epi 12 Candice

Next is Ashley who wants to create something fun and funky with her gold/bronze fabric that changes colors when you rub it. Not sure I like that. To be safe, Ashley’s created a second dress should Tim hate her first dress. Tim is very quiet. He tells Ashley that she is over-designing and his eyes are bouncing all over the place. He advises she remove one fabric.

Epi 12 Ashley and fabric

It’s Kelly’s turn. She is trying to recreate the triangle cutout pattern she did at the unconventional challenge. Tim likes it, but doesn’t like the full skirt Kelly has planned. It’s not her. She’s more of a pantsuit kind of person, Tim says. Kelly is excited about the new direction.

Epi 12 KellyEpi 12 Edmond purple

Edmond is still trying to figure things out and Tim doesn’t like the purple brides-maid dress he’s created. When Edmond asks what he should do with the rainbow sequence fabric, Tim tells him, “Fear never conquered anything.” Edmond’s next creation is everything a girl who’s running in the Miss Small-Town pageant could want. But then, wait! Edmond, stop! Don’t do it! Too late. Edmond picks up the scissors and turns the sleeveless full-length gown into a mini-dress. Looks like Tim was wrong. Fear has conquered something…more leg.

There are more problems for the other designers. Kelly’s pants won’t close in the back. Ashley’s dress is still wrought with over-design. And Candice’s gown looks like a nice, safe, black dress with sequenced detail at the neckline. Smart strategy; boring garment. The deadline looms and the designers return to New York for their first fitting with their models. The runway show is two hours. Then it’s showtime!

Epi 12 Judges

Heidi introduces the judges, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen, as usual, and past Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano. Heidi mentions that Tim Gunn has not used his Tim Gunn Save, and doesn’t have to. Let’s start the show.

Ashley – her dress is a surprisingly stunning bronze/gold, one shoulder gown. The neckline isn’t what she wanted and had to add a strap to prevent a Janet Jackson Superbowl moment, and she’s not happy about it, but the dress flows.

Kelly –the black and gray two-piece outfit is cool. The V’s look like diamond triangles. The crop top shows some skin. This is hip, but red-carpet specific. Like the VMA or MTV. Or new movie release red carpet. Not Emmy or Oscar worthy.

Candice – long black dress is nice, but boring. Flows well. The sleeveless, high-collar-sequence, black all gown now has a train. Wish the dress wasn’t all black and Candice had taken some risk.

Edmond – his multi-colored sequence mini-dress is even shorter and the new long sleeves are cut to be cape-like. It looks like the model is going ice skating. The open back does not give the dress an edge like he’d hoped.

The judges bring out the designers and models to go over the designs. Here are their top comments:

Candice Heidi loves the dress. Quiet version of Candice. Zac thinks it’s safe. Nancy Kerrigan doing Elvira. Red carpet ready. Not on best dressed list unless Angelina Jolie is wearing it. Elegant and modern. Nice sheerness under arms.

Epi 12 Candice finish

Kelly – Sophisticated jumpsuit. Cool. Fit is amazing. Likes holographic quality. Surprised. Interesting silhouette. Complicated quality of work. Chic.

Epi 12 Kelly finish

EdmondHeidi has worn this many times. Nina said biggest disappointment. Took a risk. Fabric has taken over. Feels cheap but at least there is color. Would get the most attention on red carpet. Surprised this was his piece.

Epi 12 Edmond finish

Ashley – Good choice in sequence fabric. Has fit issues. Model looks cool. Looks good at any angle. Great fabric for runway; bad fabric for red carpet. Model looks smoking hot. Problem with the strap. Gold is old.

Epi 12 AShley 12

Heidi excuses the models to ask the designers the standard question why they should win and who would they bring.

Kelly has dug deep while being on PR and is nowhere near the end. She’d bring Candice and Edmond. Candice feels she has a strong DNA on her brand. She’d bring Kelly and Edmond. Edmond is passionate about fashion. He’d bring Kelly and Ashley. And Ashley wants to continue to push herself. She’d bring Kelly and Edmond. Everyone would bring Edmond and Kelly. Will they be going?

Heidi and the judges excuse the designers and take a close look at the clothes. She wants to send Edmond packing. Heidi is peeved. Nina would hate to lose Edward. Let’s face it, he was the most consistent. The judges have make the life-changing decisions about who will be presenting at New York Fashion Week. They call back the designers. As you know in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.

Moving forward first to the finals is Candice! She feels like the luckiest girl alive. Heidi tells Candice to up her game and not play it safe like she did tonight.

Next to move forward is Kelly! And guess what? She’s the winner of the 100 nights at any Best Western. Yay, Kelly! She’s not going back to the deli so hold the mayo!

Epi 12 Kelly winner

And the last to move forward, drum roll please, is Ashley! Oh, snap! She and Edmond are both shocked. But will Tim Gunn use his Tim Gunn Save? No he won’t.

Auf Wiedersehen, Edmond!

Epi 12 Edmond loser

RECAP Project Runway – Episode 12 – Roll Out the Red Carpet