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We are down to the final three designers: Ashley, Kelly, and Candice, and I’ve got to say, I’m a little pissed off at Tim Gunn for not using his “save” for Edmond. Was he not the most consistent designer this season?!

Fret not, my friends! What we didn’t see last episode was Tim returning to the designer’s waiting room and using his Tim Gunn Save on Edmond. Woo-hoo! All is right in the world of “Project Runway” and my faith has been restored. I think we can all agree that fashion week is more entertaining with four designers.

Here are the rules: the designers have 7 weeks and $9,000 to spend on a 10-look collection. Use your time wisely, designers, you know the judges always throw in a last minute look. Tim will visit the designers in their home towns to give his review. Ashley has been asked to design a plus size collection – a Project Runway first.

AshleyTim begins his journey checking in with Ashley in San Diego. She lives with her sister and has converted the dining room into her studio. Her inspiration is a modernized 1950’s Mexico City. She has hand died the different looks 50 shades of pink. Ashley wants to add flower-headbands on all of the models, but this makes Tim pause for thought. He’s worried that the look will be matronly. I think her look is weddingly. But Tim likes that she’s pushing the boundaries.

Tim makes tortillas and eats with Ashley’s family in her backyard. Her mom, dad, and grandmother are there, too, and very proud of Ashley. Her dad has never been to New York City and is looking forward to riding a subway and streaking through the city naked. I think he’ll have the added benefit of touring the inside of a NYPD jail cell, but Tim tells him no one will notice.


Next, Tim is off to San Francisco – where he left his heart no doubt – to check in with Candice. It’s a foggy day so why not meet at the beach. Candice is there with her kids and her mom, Dale, whom she has a wonderful relationship with now that mom isn’t a drug addict. Tim strolls up in a $1200 suit and equally expensive shoes not looking out of place at all! They discuss what a hard worker Candice is.

Over at her studio, an oversized frame for her finale dress sits outside. It’s too big to fit through the door. Picture a circus tent-dress where 20 clowns run out from underneath – this is what it might look like at fashion week. Candice’s inspiration is not circus, though, it’s Asia meets Japan meets China. I’m pretty sure these places have already met. Tim is on the fence with her designs. Some are very cool like the real wood skirt and the black kimono jacket, but he thinks the red and black sequenced fabric – that she has lots of – is cheap. He tells her it looks as if she is designing for a drag queen show. Ouch. Tim recommends toning it down. Will Candice listen? Probably not.


Now Tim is off to Springfield, Massachusetts, to check in with Kelly who looks great. Her hair is a softer black and styled instead of being pulled back in a bandana like Bret Michaels from Poison. Kelly has been very busy and already has her 10 looks. Her inspiration is Studio 54 meets new wave street wear. Uh-oh. I see lots of glitter. And get this, the first thing Kelly thought of to design for fashion week was fanny packs. Fanny packs? Yes, fanny packs. Please leave those in the 80’s where they belong, Kelly! Tim is on board with her collection, but warns that her nude mesh/stocking designs look cheap and recommends buying real colors, but other than that she’s got a real collection.

Kelly takes us to a restaurant, introduces us to some of her family, then takes us to where she used to work, Kelly from the Deli, not to be confused with Jenny from the Block, and everyone is so proud of her. They’ve even design a sandwich for Tim calling it the Big “Gunn” Milanese. Tim says he’ll take it to go.


Tim’s last stop is in Atlanta to check in with Edmond. He’s a little confused with his vision but it’s pretty much black meets white. Tim tells him one of the dresses has no movement and he doesn’t like it. Tim directs Edmond toward the ease and flow of a few pieces and warns Edmond that from this point forward he must complete one outfit per day in order to execute his collection on time. This surprises me that Edmond is so far behind. You’d think he’d be so motivated by the Tim Gunn Save that he’d work around the clock.

Edmond takes Tim to meet his mom, dad, and brother who are all very proud that Edmond tried out 13 times to be on “Project Runway” and was finally selected. They all raise their glasses and toast Edmond for making it to fashion week.

It’s time for the designers to return to New York City! They enter the work room to find their garments have arrived safely. But don’t get too relaxed, there’s plenty of work to do, especially for Edmond who’s not ready to pull his looks from the garment bags. At this point, Candice thinks Kelly is her biggest competition to claiming the title.

Tim comes in to add to the pressure. Guess what? The designers must choose three looks to preview to the judges – and one of those looks must be created today. Edmond’s eyes grow twice their normal size. No one is thrilled. The collection will still have 10 pieces and with this new look, they can throw out an old piece, if they like or if the judges tell them to. They are given $250 and are off to Mood where Edmond overspends by $150, Kelly is focused on piping, Candice predictably chooses black fabric, and Ashley gets more lace.

Finale 1

Back in the work room, Edmond finally pulls his outfits from the garment bags. The other designers like it, but are curious to see how it all comes together. Tim stops by to see the designers’ three choices. He likes Kelly’s choices, but feels the new dress has an odd side view from the dreaded piping. He tells her the collection is palpable and potent. Next, Tim tells Edmond his collection is not light and airy like he thinks, but heavy and severe. What happened to Edmond’s sexy style? Plus, he hasn’t even begun his new look. Tim then speaks with Candice who has selected 3 black looks to preview. Yawn. Tim is perplexed as to why Candice doesn’t use one of her red pieces to show some range. And lastly, Ashley’s new purple look matches her hair perfectly. Her collection is full of lace and lacking prints. Tim recommends that only one model wear the flower headband. Ashley is worried the judges will hate it. Don’t worry, Nina will.

Finale 1 Time and CandiceFinale 1 KellyFinale 1 Ashley

It’s time for the preview! Heidi introduces the judges, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia. Let’s start the show.

Finale 1 judges

Candice – her first look is the red flowered three piece modern suit with leather and silk. Her next look is a black leather dress and a gigantic black hat that is almost comical. And last the kimono jacket with black spandex pants and bandeaux leather top.

Kelly – her fist look is a super casual mini dress that doesn’t look runway-worthy. Her second look is high-waist shorts and a shirt that looks right out of the 80’s hit “Flashdance.” And her last look goes back a decade to the 70’s with a glitter green top and bell bottom pants made with the same boring fabric as the first dress.

Edmond his first look is the tight, black dress he made in 6 minutes with a white ruffle cascading down one shoulder and side. The next dress has a big bow that starts at the neckline and wraps around the bottom hem. If I were 9 months pregnant and wearing this you would never know. The last dress has ruffles down the middle, it’s the one he is most proud of, and looks like it’s from the 1900’s widow collection.

Ashley – her first dress is a pink two piece. Major problem with the lack back showing the model’s bra. Next dress is a purple lace two piece she made today. These two models look like they are bridesmaids. And the final pink two piece non lace dress is not holding up the plus-size models boobs.

The judges bring out the model and give their final thoughts on the looks. Here are the top comments:

EdmondZac is worried his theme is all ruffles. (It is) Looks are almost costumey. The black and white palette will not keep the collection cohesive. They recommend editing and getting rid of the Victorian dress. He needs to bring his sexy back.

Finale 1 Edmond collection

Kelly – has a disco vibe. Needs to elevate the collection. Garments look like they were constructed in one day. Did she use the entire $9,000? (Yes) What’s with the fanny pack? Snooze fest. No sense of luxury. Has opportunity to bring it to life.

Finale 1 Kelly collection

Ashley – the fit has to be perfect. Zipper details are sloppy. Like the hand-dying. Missing attention to detail. Where are the prints? Seems very mother-of-the-bride. Nina recommends no flower crowns. (Thank you) Heidi sees her spirit in the design.

Finale 1 Ashley collection

Candice – the collection is witchy-bitchy. Gothic ascot. Lose the hat. Collection is all over the place. Get rid of red outfit. Tone down edgy makeup. Where did her great style go? She can’t do Alexander McQueen. (Ouch) Collection is still salvageable.

Finale 1 Candice collection

Heidi gives her one sentence advice to the designers. For all of them, Heidi says, don’t panic. To Edmond – sex it up. To Kelly – go for it. To Ashley – focus on detail and fit. And to Candice – tone it down especially on the styling. Up to this point, Candice thought she had it in the bag – but that bag has just popped.

Finale 1 All

See you next week at the finale for Project Runway! It’s anyone’s game.

RECAP Project Runway – Episode 13 – Finale Part 1