Project Runway

Episode 9

On this week’s “Project RunwayLindsey has gone back to Austin even though Laurie’s design was more of a disaster. The remaining women discuss that from this point on good designers are going home – no shade to Lindsey. A school bell rings. Tim Gunn appears via tablet to give the designers a hint to the next challenge. He says, “The day is going to be just fabulous.”

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So easy. The challenge is sponsored by “Just Fab” who have expanded beyond accessories into clothing. There are five categories for the seven designers in this challenge: Bombshell; Trendsetter, Girl Next Door; Modern Classic; and Femme Nouveau— which is apparently the epitome of romantic flirt. And because Candice won the last challenge, she goes first and picks Trendsetter. But even better, Candice gets to choose the categories for the other designers. Oh, snap! Girl’s got power.

But does she use it? Candice is like Glenda the Good Goth and does her best to assign the categories, even though she misses the mark a few times. Ashley gets Girl Next Door. Swapnil and Edmond get Bombshell. Kelly gets Trendsetter, which is an interesting strategy. If I were doing the picking for everyone, I’d make sure no one was in my category. Laurie gets Classic and Merline gets Femme Nouveau. This is not a team challenge. Each designer is own their own a must create a high-fashioned look that is affordable. The winning design will be reproduced and sold online by “Just Fab.”

At Mood, the designers only have $100. Many struggle. The patterns chosen by Kelly and Swapnil are questionable. Ashley has gone over her limit and has to put back a zipper. She is struggling with her self-confidence again. In a testimonial, Ashley says she’s surprised Merline is still in the competition. Worry about yourself, Ashley.

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It’s time for the Tim Gunn Review! He starts with Merline. She has all white fabrics. Tim says she needs to quit making things complicated. Swapnil is sad because last time he gave 200% and was only safe. Tim nearly chokes and says “Oh, no you di’ent.” Tim tells Swapnil his cheetah dress has no “wow” factor. Candice is making a black dress with a peplum that looks like something Judy Jetson would wear if she were Goth. Tim says it look messy. Laurie is creating a royal blue dress that is “familiar.” Tim knows Laurie doesn’t listen to his critiques so he says, “Watch the proportions.” Edmond is designing a one-shoulder black dress with flower print down one side. Tim says it looks very basic. Kelly is making a crazy mess, two-piece pant and croptop with a Muppet bathmat vest-jacket. Get this, Tim tells Kelly, “Don’t hold back.” Are you serious? And lastly, Ashley wants to make a pleather jacket in a soft gold, but is worried it’s not very Girl Next Door. Tim encourages her to go for it, but also tells Ashley the dress underneath looks like a hospital gown. Ouch, that shot stings!

TG Review 9


Tim announces another component to the challenge: the designer’s label on a tee shirt. Some like it, some don’t. Candice eliminates the peplum. Merline is way behind. Edmond finds a new direction. The models come in. Laurie is out of fabric and has to borrow organza from Candice. I’d give that away too. Swapnil no longer likes his cheetah design and his shawl looks like something my grandma would wear.

It’s runway time! Heidi introduces the judges. As usual Zac and Nina are there. Also on the panel are singer Ciara and “Just Fab” creative director, Yuchin Mao. Heidi announces no one will be receiving immunity from this point forward. Things just got real. The Tim Gunn Save is mentioned, but I’ll put money down that Tim won’t use it until Ashley or Edmond get knocked out. Let’s start the show.

Swapnil—The front of the cheetah dress is flattering, but a little busy in back. The cream-colored straps are minimal and cool, but there’s a gold, butt-necklace that’s distracting, just above her butt-crack.

Kelly—The outfit is sewn using two completely different and busy fabrics with an asymmetrical seam. And with the Cookie-Monster inspired jacket, every nine year-old girl in town will want this.

Merline—Girl needs to worry. Three different textured white fabrics slapped together is not a good thing. And it fits poorly.

Candice—Her Goth tennis-girl could have lunch at the country club. Not great, too many scarves, but she won’t be going home.

Ashley—Cropped jacket is da bomb! But the two-piece crop top and skirt is something we’ve seen before from her, but it doesn’t look like a hospital gown. I love how Ashley puts pockets in her designs.

Laurie—Has a tight royal pencil skirt and a black organza sleeve less top that has a bow tied at the neck. It’s sophisticated from a distance. Up close it’s cheap.

Edmond—His new direction was a completely different dress, starting with the color. The red dress is tight but with a forgiving rouged-fabric and a strappy neckline in the front and back. He has fulfilled the Bombshell request of the challenge.

Heidi announces that the judges were all over the place with their comments, and therefore, do not have a highest and lowest, but there will be a winner and a loser. Girl looks mad. Here are some of the top comments made by the judges.

KellyHeidi and Ciara liked it. No one else did. It’s clownish and Zac Posen actually mentions “Cookie-Monster” for the jacket. Too junior for their members.

Candice—it’s clunky but has hope. Nice detailing. First tier skirt placed in a bad spot. Too many scarves.

MerlineZac Likes the concept but not the finished product. No one else does. Missed the mark. Seen it before, but better.

Ashley—No originality. Several love the gold jacket but not the two-piece hospital garment, until the model removes the jacket. Then they like it. Missed opportunity.

Edmond—Boring. Heidi thinks it checked many bombshell boxes. Predictable. Ciara wants it. They could sell it all day long.

Laurie—Pasties again? Too basic. Not functional. Was she listening when the challenge was explained?

Swapnil—The shawl is matronly. Dress needs to be simplified. Business in the front, party in the back.

The designers are sent out of the room so the judges can make fun of see the garments up close. Zac reveals that he would even wear Edmond’s dress. Kelly made a wearable bathmat. Candice has sewn nicely but has too many elements. Laurie’s dress is boring and unfinished. Swapnil’s design is: hookery.

The judges are also all over the place with their decision on who wins and who goes home. Maybe the answer is to not have five judges. Too many differing opinions. But they’ve finalized their picks.


The winner is Edmond! His dress will be recreated and sold online by “Just Fab.” No word if he gets a percentage of the sales, but my guess is no. Ashley, Candice, Swapnil and Kelly are told they’re in and leave the stage. Merline and Laurie are left. Personally, Merline’s dress was more of a trainwreck than Laurie’s, but what the hell do I know because the judges are sending Laurie packing. Will Tim Gunn use his Tim Gunn Save? Nope!

Auf Wiedersehen, Laurie!


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