Have you heard this one before? Five gals walk into a dive bar. And by dive bar, I mean DIVE BAR. The kind that has no windows, a low ceiling, and bar flies straight out of a Stephen King novel. Why were we there? Good question. Let’s see. It was a dark and stormy afternoon and our plans to fish at the beach were drenched, yet our spirits were not.

From the outside, the above ground cave was painted in cheery pastels, but we knew it wasn’t a bar we’d ever stop by if not for our safety in numbers. Our goal was one shot and go, but after the bartender with rotting teeth informed us they technically had no hard liquor, our choice was beer and or wine. Fine. We’ll take five beers, please. Everyone drink fast.

The regulars were curious about us and approached like people circling the new exhibit at a museum. Where did we come from? What were we doing there? Good question. Sometimes you just want to go where everyone knows your name…

Just kidding, this place definitely wasn’t “Cheers” but they were glad we stopped by because we were a breath of fresh air to their smoky air. And that’s what’s great about hanging out with your girlfriends. Who else can you laugh with about lapses in judgment and chalk it up to a great time? Girl power! If you don’t have women in your life that you can do this with, go out and find them now. Here’s the recipe for what you’re looking for:

3 parts – Likes to have fun

2 parts – Doesn’t judge

Mixed with – Lots of laughter

Garnished with – Trust and loyalty

How easy is that? You probably thought there was going to be a long list of ingredients. Nope. That would clearly take too long to get to the “fun” part and make you a judgmental person for wanting things like: must have awesome fashion sense or must want to save the world. Here’s the entire joke:

Five women walk into a dive bar. They chug they’re beer as fast as they can and the bartender with rotting teeth says, “Dang, why you girls drinking so fast.” The five women say, “No reason” and leave the dive bar feeling as if they’ve kicked butt, but didn’t take any names. 

Five gals walk into a dive bar