I have two thoughts after the Season 14 Finale of Project Runway. First, there were too many commercials. There was only enough real footage for one hour. Second thought, the clips they showed of the Project RunwayJuniors” were more interesting than the finale. But if you didn’t watch it, just know I’m saving you two hours of your life. And I could tell you who won right now and save you even more time…but I won’t.

We rejoin the designers as they grapple with the harsh critiques from the judges. Tim helps everyone feel better except Candice. There’s no helping her. If she were designing for P.T. Barnum, Candice would win, hands down. Tim goes to Mood to shop for Kelly and Ashley because they are too busy and Kelly wants glitter. Lots of glitter. Luckily glitter is like blue eye shadow, and you can never have too much of it. New York Fashion Week is in less than 48 hours. I’m concerned for all of them.

Fast forward a few hours, Tim stops by for the Tim Gunn Review. Shocker! He’s on the glitter train and wishes he could help the glittering. For Candice, Tim senses she’s not happy. She’s contemplating throwing out the wood skirt and taking the hoop out of the giant hoop skirt. Tim agrees. Ashley needs to work on her zippers, girl. Tim tells her to keep her eye on every detail. And last but not least, Edmond is making progress with sexing it up, but is still indecisive about the ruffles. The judges didn’t exactly love them. Tim reminds Edmond of last year’s Project Runway winner who put fringe on everything. Own it, buddy.

The following day, Tim tells the designers about their hair consultations. Candice will be doing sleek ponytails. Kelly wants 80’s hair to go with her 70’s looks. Edmond’s models will tuck their long hair behind the ears. And Ashley will have a retro wave to blend in with her flower crowns.

Commercial: Did you notice this year they didn’t bring back any designers to help, in a last minute, crunch-time situation. In year’s past, they would throw in a last minute challenge and bring back one of the losers. I missed that this year.

It’s showtime! The designers are up and ready at 3:30am, arriving at the venue before sunrise. Back stage, the tension picks up when things go wrong. A hem of Kelly’s is messed up and Ashley’s model busts a zipper—no fault to her. Ashley half-assed the installation.

Heidi comes out on stage and introduces the judges for a final time. Zac Posen and Nina Garcia with guest judge, Carrie Underwood-who knows what it’s like to win a talent contest. Let’s start the show.

Kelly – is first and all I notice is the glitter shoes all the models are wearing. Each look is disco-y. Definitely not for everyone, but there is a market for her fun collection. Feels too casual for NY fashion week. Great hair and makeup.

Edmond – I’m most excited to see his collection. It’s dark, sophisticated, and he brought his sexy back, but I feel like I’ve seen it before. The white ruffle dress looks like toilet paper streamers. Hair and make-up is unremarkable.

Candice – I can’t wait to see if she toned it down. What I notice most is how skinny her models are. Stick figures wearing leather. Dark rock-star. But her kimono jacket is a home run. Hair and make-up are a good choice.

Ashley – Thankfully, not all of her models are wearing the flower crowns. Her collection is brimming with lace and looks nice. Her plus size models are beautiful and working it. There are several dresses I would wear, especially the teal one. Nice job.

The designers bask in the temporary limelight and are no doubt relieved it’s over. They return to the PR runway stage to hear the judges comments about the designer’s collection.

Kelly – She really went for it. A little flashy, a little trashy. Impressive and successful. Green glitter dress looks like ice-skating outfit. Strong point of view. Fun, funky, and not afraid. Judges like the wood fabric and matching fanny pack.

Ashley – Collection was unexpected. Courageous and brave. Loved the colors and femininity. Teal dress was spectacular. Don’t take the easy route. Loved the fabrics. Great example of color play.

Candice – A lot of leather. Sexy. Surprised in a good way. Collection was less costumey. Architectural. Find your voice. Not all pieces fit well. Not a cohesive collection. Too much leather..

Edmond – Sophisticated and to die for. The end of the collection got costumey. White dress looked like toilet paper. Clear he has respect for women. Proportions were great on some. Show stoppers were crazy. Classic.

Heidi asks each of the designers why they should win Project Runway. Here’s what they had to say:

Kelly – She has a different POV that no one has seen. She wants to refine and refine until she explodes. (No one has seen in 40 years.)

Ashley – She can’t wait to take the world with her gift. I she were to win it would push her confidence. (Ya think?)

Candice – A huge voice for women who need to wear their strength on their shoulder and she’d like to share it. (He me roar.)

Edmond – He has proved he is worthy to be there and winning will take him to the next level. (He’s already arrived.)

The designers go back in the waiting room for the final time. I can’t imagine the pressure and exhaustion the final four feeling are at this moment. The judges deliberate what they’ve seen. Edmond is very talents but has lots of growing to do. The judges are the least impressed with Candice, they refer to her collection as Nightmare Before Christmas. Kelly impresses them because over all she won four challenges and they love her attitude. They think Ashley is gutsy and courageous for designing for plus size.

Uh-oh. I think I know who the winner is. Let’s see what the judges say as they bring out the designers out on stage for the last time.

First out of the competition is Candice. Or if you like, 4th place. She doesn’t feel like she’s lost and neither does her ex-junkie mom who is so proud of her daughter. Auf Wiedersehen, Candice!

Next out, or 3rd place, is Edmond. He is extremely proud of coming this far after 13 prior rejections to getting on the show. 14 is the charm. Auf Wiedersehen, Edmond!

Who cares about second place because the instant I say it you know who the winner is. The contest is between Ashley and her spring wedding collection and Kelly and her quirky disco collection. Drum roll please. The winner is…Ashley! Plus girls around the world are celebrating.

Kelly is very sad because she almost won it. Second place isn’t first. She doesn’t want to be Kelly from the Deli. Perhaps after this she’ll be Kelly from the Telly. She’s fun. Good, luck Kelly. Auf Wiedersehen!

Ashley’s parent’s come out and begin sobbing with joy. She thanks her dead grandmother for teaching her to sew. She wouldn’t be here winning today without her grandmother yesterday.

Finale 2 Winner

Tune in next week for the Reunion Special. It’s gonna get real!

RECAP Project Runway – Episode 14 – Season Finale Part 2