In any respectable self-help book, there is always the mention of how volunteering/charity work is good for the soul. And it’s true. The reason? Put bluntly, it makes you feel better when you help others who are less fortunate. Let’s face it, if you’re not eating in a soup kitchen, life is good. When we give and receive gratitude, there’s a shift in our outlook and we go to a more positive place.

But finding the right type of charity work is imperative. It must be something that doesn’t leave you more drained/sad/negative than you were. For example, I love animals and would love to volunteer for a rescue or humane society, however, I know my spirit couldn’t take it when the animals require euthanization. Can’t do it. So it’s important to gravitate to groups that invigorate rather than deplete. There are many worthwhile and deserving organizations and if you can be around animals, then bless you. It’s okay to be creative with how you donate your time and/or money.

There’s a group of nine women in Sugar Land, Texas, who have come up with a rather clever way to support child advocates. Annually, CASA hosts a home-tour fundraiser during the holidays to view million-dollar homes professionally decked out for Christmas. The “Mimosa Mama’s” begin their day gathered at the main-mama’s house for brunch and mimosas. Then a limo picks them up and safely transports the mamas to the homes on the tour –  and yes they bring along the champagne. The only downside, afterwards you have to go home to your humble holiday decorations that up until now you thought looked great.

The point is, we are helping a very worthwhile organization. I mean, they are helping a very worthwhile organization and have for seven years. To the people who open up their homes, thank you, brave souls. But what I’m trying to say is, there are many other ways to help worthwhile organizations. Maybe you like to run – for me – I would require a “fun walk” in stead. Maybe you like to read to children or the elderly or the blind. Maybe your bliss is cooking and can share that. Here’s the thing, combine your talent with your joy and give that gift to a worthwhile organization. You’ll be glad you did.

Finding charity work you can love