We return to our newlyweds on Day 3 of their marriages and still on their honeymoons. Spoiler alert: no couples consummate their marriages. Bummer! David and Ashley are in Phoenix, AZ and he wants to get up and go and she wants to sleep in. Ashley thinks David is nice, but that’s like telling someone they have a “great personality.” Feelings at this point are one-sided.


Tres and Vanessa are in St. John and she’s concerned Tres isn’t ready for marriage. Her last relationship lasted for four years and when that ended Vanessa worked hard to heal from it. She feels Tres just decided to get married on a whim and boom, he’s a married man. Vanessa struggles with her seriousness compared to Tres’ casualness.


In St. Croix with Sam and Neil, I feel like we’re on vacation with a modern day, Lucy and Ricky. Beginning with the episode where Lucy hurt her tooth eating a macaroon. Remember that knee slapper? Hilarity ensues as Neil drives too slow to the dentist’s office causing Lucy to say he’s not a man’s man. Ricky sings babaloo because he has no clue how to comfort Lucy.


David and Ashley are poolside getting to know each other. David is great about checking in with Ashley’s feelings, but Ashley just wants to hang out without the pressure of talking about her feelings. She tells David that her longest relationship was nine years. Yikes! That’s a long time. Ashley asks for one night alone when they return to Atlanta so she can be all alone study. David tries to voice his disappointment and desire to move forward, but Ashley shuts it down.


Dr. Cilona Skypes with Vanessa because she is still freaking out about the whole commitment thing. She feels more mature than her match. Dr. Cilona talks Vanessa down from the ledge and prevents her from jumping into self-sabotage. He reassures Vanessa that Tres was living a bachelor life because there was no other life to live. Dr. Cilona says to take two deep breaths and call him in the morning if she needs to.


Roadtrip! Vanessa and David are off to Sedona for an adventure that has David a little worried. A helicopter ride across the mountainous terrains of peaks and valleys. Ashley thinks it’s cool and finds his clingy nervousness to be a major turn off. The truth is, Ashley isn’t attracted to David and is contemplating tell him the truth. Please don’t do it in the helicopter. That’s just mean.


Sam and Neil leave the dentist and Sam wants to drive so it doesn’t take three days to get back to the hotel. They stop for lunch and it’s obvious the meds haven’t kicked in for poor Sam. She tells Neil he’s too passive and she’s too aggressive. She will have to wear the pants and he will have to wear his murse. Sam says she’s liable to crush Neil and his tacky beard. Neil forgot to wear his wedding band and Sam doesn’t care.


The only couple who can’t keep their hands off each other, Tres and Vanessa, are snorkeling. Yay! Somebody is having fun. They hold hands as they swim in the aqua waters, kissing every few meters. Vanessa’s concerns are slipping away.


Back with David and Ashley, he asks if she’s comfortable. The thought of having to talk again about her feelings pushes Ashley to blurt it out: there’s no romantic connection between them. David’s very cool with this and suggests they sleep in separate rooms to take the pressure off. Nothing says happy-honeymoon like separate bedrooms. She and David check in with Dr. Logan and tell her about the long and lonely night. She says this doesn’t mean they’re doomed and gives the couple an assignment: give each other a manicure. A manicure? I’m sensing Ashley would rather go bowling, but David is happy because he hasn’t touched her hands since he placed the ring on it four days ago. Sigh.


During the manicures, Ashley is missing her girlfriends as they are the people who usually join her for this activity. She still feels like she’s on vacation with a stranger, and David is tired of this excuse and contemplating taking a stand. Go, David!

Sam and Neil go play what will forever be known as the tetherball game from hell. They get into tiff over Sam’s fake serve and Neil’s not wanting to be called a pussy. I don’t remember this episode of “I Love Lucy” but hey, at least they are communicating. Sam gives a, sorry I’m not sorry, and Neil comes off as sarcastic and condescending. Sam goes to eat alone and Neil goes to the gym alone. Sam wanted gender specific roles, so there you go. But she does the nicest thing and brings dinner back to the room for Neil. They talk about what it means to be a man because Sam didn’t realize she was attacking his manhood. Sam defines a man as one who takes charge and is aggressive. I am no “expert” but I think Sam would eventually find those attributes controlling and confining.


Over in the AZ, David feels like he’s vacationing by himself. Ashley says she appreciates David’s patience and dedication to the process, but needs more time. Take down your walls, Ashley! They talk some more and Ashley says she’s committed to being a team player. Go Team Ashvid! Or is it Team Davley? In any event, here’s hoping these two have turned a corner.


The following morning, Sam and Neil start fresh with their friendship. They ride ATV’s and have a fun day. Next, they take a selfie from a cliff and no one pushes the other off so I’m getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about theses two. Then Sam speaks with her dad because a girl needs her dad and Neil speaks with his friend even though he probably needs Sam’s dad, too. Neil tells his friend he still thinks the experts got it right.









And Ashley and David are having fun on the slides in the pool. Hopefully David’s inner-child can find Ashley’s inner-child. Tres and Vanessa go to a beach bar, hang on each other and kiss, ignoring everyone else in the place. Would you two just “commit” already!

Over dinner, Ashley smiles at David. I know, can you believe it? She’s loosening up. Ashley is committed to less thinking and more doing. It’s a big step for her. Props for being a nursing student and getting married to a complete stranger. That’s a lot on her plate, but Ashley realizes that David is a great guy—hopefully those feelings will convert into romantic feelings.


Sam and Neil are watching fireworks. Who doesn’t love fireworks! Surely this will lead to something. Apparently on the way back, without the cameras, Sam was driving on the wrong side of the road and almost caused a head-on collision. Because Neil was able to remain calm, Sam didn’t panic and overreact. Neil saved their lives! Way to go Neil! In that moment, he was her knight in quirky armor.

The honeymoon is over for all three couples but the journey is just beginning. Have a joyous and wonderful holiday with those you love. See you next week.

RECAP Married at First Sight – The Honeymoons
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