Tonight’s episode of “Married at First Sight” will focus on the wedding night, and let’s face it, these people just learned their spouses name like five minutes ago, so intimacy may be difficult. And while Ashley is feeling better about marrying David, due to his two hours of kindness, she’s not feeling that much better. Unfortunately, Sam wants to cry because she’s not attracted to Neil. Neil, on the other hand, feels like he hit the jackpot because not only does he get Sam, but he gets Sam’s dad, Bob. Bonus!

Dr. Logan Levkoff recommends that the couples approach the wedding night with a sense of humor. Is she saying they should undress and laugh at each other? Probably not. In any event, Vanessa and Tres are this season’s “most likely to consummate first.”

























The couples cross the threshold to their suites and are alone…all alone…all by themselves. To unwind, why not open the bubbly. If this were me, I’d be pretty schnockered by now, but the couples all have their wits about them. Too bad, this would definitely help Sam when Neil appears in a red onesie that says “Big Spoon.”Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.16_05h46m08s_004_

It’s the opposite of sexy. Kudos to Sam for not bolting and running. Ashley and David relax on the bed and put their new spouse’s name and number in their phone under the heading of wife and husband. That’s real. And Tres and Vanessa are completely smitten with one another, in bed and talking while they gaze into each other’s eyes. Will they or won’t they?

It’s the morning. Day 2 in the 90-day experiment, and I’m sorry to report that none of the couples consummated their marriage. Ninety days can seem like an eternity, or a moment. Take Sam and Neil. When Sam opens the curtains and let’s the blinding, morning sun into the room even though Sam is still trying to rest, these 90-days can seem like a very long time. And take, Tres and Vanessa, who have fun opening their wedding gifts in bed, and the time might fly by. David and Ashley are still moving in cautious circles like two animals in a new exhibit. Ninety days will seem like ninety days.

The exciting part is finding out where the couples are going for their honeymoon. Ashley and David learn they are going to Arizona. The hot, dry desert. Wah-waaahhh. Next up, Trey and Vanessa are going to St. John in the US Virgin Islands. That’s what I’m talking about! And Neil and Sam are going to St. Croix, which is also in the USVI. What gives? Why couldn’t they all go?












Dr. Cilona explains that the honeymoon is when the true journey begins as the couples navigate their worlds and find out who they married. But before they go, they have one last interaction with both families over breakfast. David and Ashley’s family are full of hope, and credit the experts with not only matching the bride and groom, but the families as well. Over at Sam and Neil’s breakfast, Dad and Son are bonding. Too bad Sam isn’t as excited as Bob and Neil are. And Tres and Vanessa’s family are invited to the upcoming family reunion. Tres says this is the first time his family has taken to one of the many, many girl’s he’s introduced them to so fast.

It’s time for the honeymoon, but wait, the couples first must have a quick session with one of the experts. Dr. Pepper advises Tres and Vanessa to take their time getting to know each other and to not make assumptions. Dr. Logan asks David and Ashley how they will build physical intimacy. Ashley says she has to have trust before she can go down…that road. And Dr. Cilona discusses managing Sam’s and Neil’s expectations. Sam may be out of her comfort zone, but she’s committed to finding common ground, like hopefully they both like to play Scrabble.

As they pack, Sam takes this moment to tell Neil she doesn’t find him attractive. My heart breaks for Neil. Hopefully, if things don’t work out, Neil will still get to keep Sam’s dad, Bob. But Neil’s really nice about it and tells Sam he gets that he’s not a 10, except on a scale of 1-100, then he is. Neil says it takes a lot to offend him (and I hope that’s true :).


Finally! The couples arrive at their destination and are officially on their honeymoon. Neil rents a car and drives on the correct other side of the road. Tres and Vanessa are on the balconey, kissing. What view? What water? All these two see is each other’s lips. And David and Ashley go for a bike ride and have fun racing.

When Tres and Vanessa are sitting my the water, discussing their feelings, we see the first bit of waves crash in. Tres says he’s an extrovert and Vanessa’s an introvert and he’s hoping that Vanessa will help him lose his playboy ways, though he doesn’t like that term, he prefers: partyboy ways? This is what Dr. Phil calls a difference without a distinction.

Neil and Sam go snorkeling and also experience rough seas – figuratively speaking. The water is beautiful and calm, but Sam is afraid of sharks, and the idiot boat guide mentions if they’re lucky they’ll see one. Sam is being a trooper and puts on her goggles and fins, but is extremely disappointed that Neil doesn’t check to see how she’s doing. He figures she’s okay because the boat guy gave her a floatie.


David is great about checking in with Ashley to see how she’s feeling while they dine. He tells Ashley that he expects nothing on the honeymoon other than getting to know each other. David is a keeper and these two just might make it. Fun fact about the couple: Ashley is a vegetarian and David doesn’t like to eat anything green, especially shots of pea soup. Hopefully I haven’t spoken too soon about these two making it.

Neil and Sam are getting better at small talk. Spiritual guide Greg Epstein is hopeful that the couples can rise above the awkwardness, but what about the couple that is awkward, and not just the situation? What then? As the duo enter their hotel bedroom at look at the bed, Sam places the pillows in middle to designate the dividing line. Cut to an impromptu pillow fight. Yay! Release the stress one way or another.









Will tonight be the night for Tres and Vanessa? Over dinner, Vanessa realizes that just a couple of months ago her new husband was living the bachelor life. She’s worried that this experiment is something Tres entered into without really thinking he’d get picked. Maybe tonight’s not the night.


Tune in next week when reality sinks in further for the couples and it leads to all kinds of confusion.

RECAP Married at First Sight – The Wedding Night
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