Let the hitching begin! We return to Married at First Sight where we left off last week, with Tres telling his bride Vanessa, who are at the alter, that he needs a moment. Tres walks away, returns with a wrist corsage, and gets down on one knee to propose to Vanessa. All together now – Awwwww. After the “I do’s” the couple kisses on the lips and I literally have goose bumps. She’s beautiful. He’s handsome. What could possibly go wrong? The couple jumps the broom and everyone cheers.

In Knee

Next up is David and Ashley. Dr. Pepper says they are a good match because of their similarities and differences. Translation: it may take time for this match to make sense. Both David and Ashley look scared out of their minds as they arrive at the wedding venue. When the two meet at the alter, standing in front of the minister, David introduces himself, but Ashley can’t respond because she’s hyperventilating. He finds her beautiful, but Ashley doesn’t feel the same jolt of butterflies. In fact, I’m willing to bet the butterflies feel more like bats as the doubt creeps in. After the vows are read, David says “I do” without hesitation. Ashley is not smiling and looks like she could bolt at any moment. At last she says, “I do.” Will they kiss? Will they shake hands? David kisses Ashley on the cheek.


It’s clear Ashley is not physically attracted to David (yet) and admits she normally dates men who have dark hair and dark eyes, opposite of David’s blond hair and blue eyes. As the bride and groom take a moment to themselves to talk and have a toast, David is so nervous he nearly takes Ashley’s eye out when he pops open the champagne. The conversation is one-sided and stilted. Ashley is hardly responding to anything David says and it’s heartbreaking to watch. But I still have hope. Remember Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from season one? It all worked out for them…after a very long six weeks.

Onto Neil and Sam. I’m nervous for them because they both seem fragile. David enters the room and is welcomed by applause from the quests. He stands on the stage and is so nervous his groomsmen come up and give him a hug. Not to be outdone, the bridesmaids do the same and one calls dibs on Neil if Sam changes her mind. She might just get her chance because backstage, Sam is freaking out, pacing and shaking. It’s clear that her inner voice is telling her to run. Back at the ceremony, Sam’s mom tells Neil that her daughter has backed out and she is the replacement. Nervous laughter erupts from Neil, but since his grandparents were also arranged, he finds this process poetic.

Neil and Sam

Here comes the bride…finally, but she won’t look at the groom. Instead Sam and her dad do a jig down the aisle. When she finally meets Neil, the jokes start right away and we realize this is how Sam copes. They high-five each other and say, “Let’s do this.” During the vows read by the minister we learn that Sam is extremely considerate and caring and Neil is spontaneous and a little weird. Neil is trying to take the ceremony seriously, but Sam is doing stand-up comedy. He says, “I do” and she says, “Ummm, I do.” Afterwards, the two kiss each other of the cheek and close with the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass.

The three couples are now legally bound by marriage…and it’s picture time. Say, awkward. Ashley and David struggle the most, and when the photographer suggests a peck on the check, Ashley can’t do it. Tres and Vanessa have no problems placing their hands around each other and kissing for the camera. They have a perfect blend of serious and silly. And Neil and Vanessa are making an effort, but reality is setting in that they have just married a complete stranger. Quirky or not, I’m rooting for these two.

New dance for T & VNew dance picNew Dance for D & A

It’s party time! The couples are introduced at their receptions for the first time. According to the team of experts, the first dance is very important because it shows intimacy. Tres and Vanessa have no problem being in each other’s arms and kiss again. Their chemistry is obvious. I bet these two are looking forward to the honeymoon. Get out the “Do Not Disturb” sign. Next is Neil and Sam and of course their dance is funny. She pretends to fall asleep and he pretends not to notice she’s in denial. And Ashley and Neil’s dance is uncomfortable to watch but they are trying. Afterwards, Ashley excuses herself to the bathroom. We hear through the door Ashley admitting to a friend that she doesn’t like Neil, isn’t attracted to him and feels embarrassed because his family is nice.


Toasts from the guests and grooms are nice and when the ritual clinking of the glasses occur to signal the bride and groom to kiss, interesting results occur. Obviously for Tres and Vanessa, they waste no time and happily plant a kiss squarely on the lips. For Neil and Sam it’s a little slower and the couple kisses each other’s cheeks again. But for David and Ashley the wait is excruciating. At first they do nothing. Then David saves the moment by standing and gently kissing Ashley’s hand. Ashley smiles! She actually smiles. Hand me a tissue.

There are always do’s and don’ts at a wedding. Do – make your guests feel special. Do not – invite your ex-girlfriend and make her feel special in front of your new bride. Neil, what were you thinking? Ugh! I had such high hopes for you two. Sam’s bubble has burst and we can see it on her face. She is wondering if she’s made a mistake. Hang in there, Sam! I wish Doug and Jamie could have been guests at each of the weddings to give advice and hugs. They are proof that these things take time.

Vanessa happyNew AShley madSam unsure

Final thoughts from the new couples: Sam is shocked she married a complete stranger and Neil is hopeful that everything will work out. David thinks the experts nailed it and Ashley is not attracted to him, but realizes they were matched for a reason. And Tres thinks his bride is beautiful and Vanessa hopes this is the man she will spend the rest of her life with.

As far as consummation on the wedding night goes, it’s a big, hell no, for all of the couples except Tres and Vanessa. They are a, hell maybe. Tune in next week for the honeymoons and hopefully more relaxing times, but after watching the clips for the rest of the season, there is no guarantee – and isn’t life just like that.




RECAP Married at First Sight – The Wedding
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