Girl Who Is “Just One of the Guys” Can’t Help If She’s Hot

golf-83869_640While playing a round of golf at the local country club, Sarah Nightingale had an epiphany as she set up at the women’s tee box to strike her ball.

“What can I say? Whether we’re playing golf or hanging out at the gym, men just want to be my friend. It’s because of my naturally competitive spirit that men ignore my hotness and focus on my athletic ability.”

Usually Nightingale is the only female playing in a foursome because most women are “jealous” of her and think she’s going to “steal their man.”

“I’ve got news for them,” Nightingale said, “I don’t want their husbands. I think of them like brothers. Like I said, I’m a competitive player.”

When contacted for a follow-up a quote, one of the men in the foursome who would only go by the name of “69 Strokes” admitted that they thought Nightingale was “kind of cute.”

“Not as cute as she thinks she is,” 69 Strokes continued. “But cute enough to tolerate her every once in a while. Personally, I don’t encourage my wife to golf, but if Sarah wants to try, hey, who am I to stop her.”

Last seen, Nightingale had joined a co-ed basketball team, but wasn’t having as much fun.







Breaking News: Girl Who Is “Just One of the Guys”
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