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On this week’s episode Of Married at First Sight, Dr. Joseph Cilona will be playing the part of knight in shining armor. The couples are halfway through this accelerated experiment, nerves are rattled and these kids need help. Over at Tres and Vanessa’s place, she won’t open up about whatever corncob is up her bum. Tres tries, but Vanessa is the type that needs to soothe herself. Nothing is accomplished.

Tres Confused

David is meeting his buds for a drink while Ashley is busy with her nursing school stuff. When David tells the guys he hasn’t gotten a kiss since the wedding, they can’t contain their shock. He’s gotten more action from total strangers in a bar. David shows the guys the wedding watch given by the producers Ashley, with the inscription, “The best time is yet to come.” Obviously that thing is running slow.

David with freinds

Over at Neil and Sam’s “creepy” house, they are moving out. Until they find a new place they are going stay at Sam’s, and btw, Sam has a roommate named Sammy. That won’t get confusing at all. The commute is too long now that Sam’s gotten a transfer and a promotion (ca-ching). Who cares what Neil wants or needs.

Sam and Neil moving

Dr. Cilona checks in first with Tres and Vanessa, and boy to do they need his help. He speaks with Vanessa first as she explains she’s afraid to trust Tres. Dr. Cilona says it’s her fear of abandonment that’s preventing her. Next up, Tres shares his frustration over how guarded Vanessa is. If they can’t talk about the little stuff, how will they talk about the big stuff? Tres is deep, y’all. Dr. Cilona explains that they were matched because they were both abandoned by one parent. However, Tres was three when his mom walked out and Vanessa was older. He encourages Vanessa to try and trust. Dr. C with T & V

It’s morning at Sam’s apartment and she is a grump because Neil woke her up. Sam informs Neil that she has no closet space for him, no house key, and he can only have two drawers. Neil gets up and chats to roommate Sammy in the kitchen who offers him tea. Like a petulant child, Sam doesn’t want to share her favorite toy, Sammy, with Neil. They leave the kitchen and Sam tells Neil to ‘get his Betty Crocker on.”

Neil with S & S

Ashley is at their awesome home while David is out of town on business. It’s the happiest she’s been since her wedding day. She calls David to see if he’s happy too. David is on his way to a happy hour before dinner with colleagues. I think they’ve found their formula to make this marriage work, by golly. But David says in a talking head interview that he misses Ashley, no maybe not.

Ashley calling DAvid

Neil uses his iPhone to record his prelude to speaking his mind. It’s what Sam wants him to do more of, so here goes. And it doesn’t go well. Sam throws him out. You see, he should have told her this yesterday that he doesn’t want to stay at her place. She’s tired and doesn’t want to look for another house. Neil says he’ll do it, and I think, great, problem solved, but apparently not so. Sam accuses him of being fake and Neil says he learned from the best. Ouch! No wonder he was placed in a time-out.

Sam upset witih Neil

Outside with his handy-dandy cam-phone, Neil explains to us that he left because he needed to ponder his actions. He feels awful for his poorly timed joke, and after some soul-searching, Neil rejoins Sam to apologize and hand over his manhood. They decide until they find a new place, they will each reside at their own condos.

Tres and Vanessa are on a road trip to see her mom in Greenville. It’s important to visit with the in-laws who can provide some history and guidance on how to deal with the child they’ve raised. On the way they play a game – how many prior loves have you had. Tres  has had two and Vanessa has had several. And by loves they mean “in love” because I’m sure there have been plenty of “likes” for Tres.

Here’s the thing about Ashley, in her testimonials she says she’s trying really hard and doing all kinds of acts of kindness, but the cameras never seem to capture any of it. Take the laundry she tried to do, we don’t see it. But David is happy to see her and that’s all that matters. He hugs Ashley, picks her up and tosses her onto the bed along with himself. The little dog, Belle, interrupts the fun and David says he was “cock-blocked.” Come on David, you knew you didn’t have a chance for romance, just like the rest of us.


There is a nice moment between Tres and Vanessa’s mom when he’s shown baby pictures and given some backstory to Vanessa’s dad. Bless her heart, the man walked out and never looked back. Don’t let the door hit you, where the good Lord split you! She advises Tres that Vanessa shuts down when she thinks the conversation will lead to confrontation.

Tres and MIL

Friends are coming over to David’s for BBQ. And by friends I mean two guys. No women or couples, just two guys. Surprisingly they are very polite and don’t say things like, “Hey, when are you going to have sex with my buddy?” or “Hey, why’d you sign up for this experiment if you’re too busy with nursing school?” David feels good that Ashley and his friends all got along.

Dr. Cilona makes an emergency visit to Neil and Sam’s when he discovers the two aren’t living together. Sam recaps Neil’s delayed response to moving into her place. Neil says he thought her place was temporary and wanted to clarify that. Dr. Cilona commends Neil on his “great communication skills.” Sam is told her communications are not great. The couple is shocked at the role reversal. Dr. Cilona recommends to Sam the next time she gets defensive to ask for a short break and reconvene. Good luck with that.

Dr. Cilona

Tres and Vanessa meet with two friends of hers that are engaged, planning a wedding, and going through some of the same things, however, the other couple has been together for two years. But they all bond and Tres enjoyed meeting her friends. He’s been a really good sport this weekend, but will Vanessa ever learn to trust him?

Back in the ATL, Ashley and David are anxious about meeting with Dr. Cilona. Let the healing begin! When he arrives, Dr. C. mentions how great the house is. Ashley goes first with her session, and it takes a moment for her to say it, but she admits to having zero sexual chemistry with David. You can tell she feels awful. Dr. C. reminds Ashley it’s only been three weeks and she’s putting too much emphasis on physical attraction. He guides her on her prior walks of shame when she chose men based on looks and how that never worked out. (But the sex was great!) When David joins them, Ashley is asked to tell David what they’ve discussed. Ashley basically says she’s like a dead tree on the inside and if he touches her the branches will break. Dr. Cilona takes all the sexual intimacy off the table for them. Mmm-hmm. I see what he’s doing. It’s called reverse psychology. Can’t wait to see if it works.

Sam as random citizen

Neil has done the coolest thing for Sam. It’s her birthday and he’s gotten a van full of her friends and taking them to Agatha’s, a murder mystery dining experience. Sam is playing the part of “random citizen.” Not as cool and knight in shining armor, but Sam is glowing as she reads her lines. So is Neil. This is everything he’d hoped a marriage could be.

The episode closes with Vanessa opening up a little to Tres about her father. It’s nice because Tres gets it and he’s starting to get her. And isn’t that what we all want? For someone to get us. Tune is next week when the couples continue to struggle.

RECAP Married at First Sight – Breaking Down Barriers
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