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On this week’s episode of “Married at First Sight” the couples have been married for almost three weeks and are halfway through the experiment. It’s Saturday, a work day for Tres, so he and Vanessa meet for lunch near his work. As they’re eating, Tres takes a call from a female customer. Vanessa is not happy about it, but doesn’t communicate her disappointment. Thankfully no jealousy is displayed from Vanessa, because the man’s got to earn a living.

T & V at lunch

Neil is getting ready for a home-cooked date-night with Sam. He’s got the flowers and the barbeque. Sam is appreciative of his efforts and feels badly about their first two weeks of marriage. I get the feeling she’d like a re-do, but all’s fair in love and war. For now, the quirky couple seems to be on the same page, willing to grow together and have fun. Happy dance.

N & S With flowers

Over at David and Ashley’s awesome house, he is surprising Ashley with a home cooked pasta dinner. She is taking her nursing finals tonight and he wants to celebrate that as well as make up for last night’s tiff. If you recall, they talked yet again about Ashley’s unwillingness to talk about anything of substance. The pasta dish looks complicated but David pulls it off with just one small problem – Ashley is almost two hours late. When she finally arrives, it’s apparent she hasn’t heard about this new invention called texting. It’s really cool. It’s like a hand-held fax machine. But back to Ashley and David, David is super cool about her tardiness. Ashley presents David with a cupcake after dinner. Warm up to that, David.

Daid texting alone

D & A toasting finals

It’s time for the Dr. Logan Levkoff visits. Hoo-ray. She’s the sex therapist. To kick things off, Dr. Logan stops by the couple who needs her help the least – Tres and Vanessa. Everything in this marriage is rocking in a good way at this point. In fact, their biggest problem is that Tres uses the second bathroom. I call that a smart man – leave a little mystery in the marriage, but Dr. Logan advises the couple to work on this. She then asks about their individual needs. Tres needs communication from Vanessa and Vanessa needs trust from herself. Dr. Logan leaves them with the “Fishbowl of Sex Questions” the very definition of the word awkward.

DR Logan andd T & V

Next on the sex-train is David and Ashley – won’t this be fun. Privately, David says the experience thus far is like being on a rollercoaster. Sometimes he’s having fun; other times he wants to throw up, I’m guessing. Ashley tells Dr. Logan privately that she’s not feeling that loving feeling and it’s gone, gone, gone. The Doc asks the couple what’s preventing them from discussing difficult topics. David answers, because it’s not like Ashley’s going to talk about it, they don’t want to hurt each other’s feelings. Politeness will get you nowhere.

D & A talk with Dr. Logan

Back over at Tres and Vanessa’s place, they are working on their assignment – Vanessa is brushing her teeth while Tres sits on the side of the tub. Woah. How about that. This couple has moved mountains. Speaking of moving mountains, Tres asks when the couple will go to the bathroom in front of each other. This kind of talk is not pooper, I mean proper, according to Vanessa, especially the part about her farting her sleep, but Tres finds this hilarious. What is it about the word, fart that turns a grown ass man into a seven year-old kid?

T & V brush teeth

The final stop for Dr. Logan is the quirky couple’s house. She visits first with Neil who explains that their differences came out during the honeymoon. He is laid-back and she has a big personality. Dr. Logan then asks about Neil’s needs. His are having a best friend to share everything 50/50. When Dr. Logan asks if Neil has expressed this to Sam, he says he’s not sure. Neil, you did express this when Dr. Pepper was there. Feelings were raw then, maybe Neil doesn’t remember, so he blames himself. When visiting with Sam, Dr. Logan asks if she thinks a quiet person can be strong. The answer is, of course, yes, but it’s a trick question. The word Dr. Logan was looking for to describe Sam is, steamroller. Sam needs to lose her voice from time to time and Neil needs to find his – period.

N & S with Dr. Logan

It’s time to play three-way “Fishbowl of Sex Questions.” Tres and Vanessa go first. They are playful even if Vanessa isn’t comfortable answering some of the questions. Examples are: “What would you like me to wear to get you in the mood?” Costumes, lingerie and nothing, are all acceptable answers by Tres.

T & V fishbowl

Over at David and Ashley’s awesome house it’s probably no surprise she doesn’t want to play – at all. But David the ever-optimist wants to give it a go. “Where is your favorite place to be kissed?” Ashley won’t answer. David says, “Arizona” and explains to Ashley the concept of Being Creative 101 which is apparently not one of her nursing classes. “Favorite sexual position?” Ashley is insulted and David is frustrated. He answers it and says, “Kansas City Twister.” Is that the one where Dorothy and Toto need to be there, because if so, that’s weird, David.

D & A fishbowl

Now Neil and Sam are playing “Fishbowl of Sex Questions” and though Sam is uncomfortable, at least she’s trying. Sam is reading the questions, just not answering them. One card says, “Why did you get married?” Neil says to share his life with is best friend. Awww.

N & S fishbowl

Ashley meets her friend Ashley for a drink. This was very telling. I expected her to get emotional with her bridesmaid and tell her it’s not working with David, but she doesn’t. This cool façade is just how Ashley is. If nursing doesn’t work out, Ashley should try poker. The other Ashley recommends a date-night for Ashley and David. This Ashley agrees to give it a try.

Ashley with Ashley

Before David and Ashley go out on their date, they go to the fish store to purchase a fish so their fishbowl has a purpose. They buy two bettas. Stop! Danger! Don’t do it! These are called Siamese Fighting Fish and there’s a reason they are in small, individual cups at the pet store. When you place then in the same open tank, at the very least the bettas will become stressed out, and worst case, one will die. This would be like placing two total strangers in a marriage and in a house together without the benefit of knowing each other. Just saying.

Tres and Vanessa are hosting a small, very casual, dinner party. He’s invited one friend and she’s invited one friend. The cameras capture a good time as the friends pretend to interview each other with their invisible microphone. Good times.

T & V dinner party

It’s date night! David takes Ashley to downtown ATL to ride the giant Ferris wheel. David is afraid of heights and Ashley finds this hysterical. David is just happy to hear her laugh. Everything is going well until David tries to kiss Ashley. As he leans in for the kiss, she turns her head and David plants one on Ashley’s cheek. Lord this woman’s walls are high. The man can’t even get a peck on the lips? From Ashley’s point of view, she must not want to give the guy any false hope.

D & A kiss

Back with Neil and Sam, their house is creepy – according to Sam, but Neil is on board to move out. Sam feels this house was a rash decision made because they were required to move in together. I guess they don’t have to worry about a little thing called: rental contracts. The plan is to move back to Sam’s place and find another place. Mmm-hmm. She does ask Neil to come to bed and be her noodle – without the touching.

Tres and Vanessa end the episode with Tres’ admission that he may be falling in love with his wife. Vanessa has not said this due to her trust issues – just that she finds her man very fine. But not just fine, FINE. Tune in next week when all of the calmness and progress come to a screeching halt.

RECAP Married at First Sight – Intimacy Part 1
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