Have you noticed this? About a week ago I was at a red light and noticed I was in a sea of white-colored cars. The dozen or so cars (except mine) were all white. So I got to thinking about this. Turns out white is the number one color choice world-wide, not just in my city. The top four colors in North America are white, black, silver, and gray. In a close fifth and sixth is red and blue, but even these normally bright color have diminished into subdued hues of their forefathers, candy apple red and royal blue. Earth tones are next followed by: other.  

Remember when picking out a car color was something that took time because there were so many to choose from? Now, one in three consumers pick white; one in four choose black. Remember the purple Pacer? The green Gremlin? The baby-blue Mustang? General Lee’s orange Charger? Even the infamous pink Mary Kay car has been reduced to a light blush. Where did all the cool colors go?

Some might suggest the bland colors represent the politically correct world we live in today. I mean, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone with my purple car and since silver shouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable, there you go. But here’s what’s offensive about silver – the fact that the color fades so fast. Silver soon becomes dishwater. And some might suggest that colors have gravitated to these predictable colors for resale value. Kind of like a house you’d like to sell – paint the walls beige or light gray – get rid of the personal touches that reveal your true colors.

I must concede though, there seems to be an unwritten rule when a car is above $75K you are allowed to go crazy on color choice. It’s funny how yellow is the new black with sports cars, but I love it. The nicest, bright yellows you’ve ever seen. I guess when you spend that kind of green, the color pallet brightens.

But there’s hope. DuPont predicts the future of car colors will move toward “brighter hues” so we have that to look forward to. In the meantime, next time you need to purchase a car and have a choice of color, be daring and think outside of the box on wheels.

What happened to all the cool car colors?
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