Have you heard of this? Emotional Intelligence. It’s kind of like an IQ (intelligence quotient) score but instead of measuring the brains ability to assess knowledge, you are measuring how well you read yours, and others, emotional responses. The textbook definition is, “To discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.”

Many experts feel that the EIQ is a better predictor of future success than the traditional IQ test and say it’s a better indicator of quality of relationships and overall happiness. Wow. I’m excited and terrified, but this might surprise you, the history of the EI goes back to the 1930’s. At first it was called Social Intelligence, then it received a maker over in the 50’s and 60’s and was called, Emotional Strength. How do you like that spin? Now,  in the 21st century, we use the boring but clearer, Emotional Intelligence.

So this got me thinking, what is my EIQ? I set out to conduct some very thorough research via Google. The first *free test I took could determine my score with just ten multiple choice questions . Yay. Let’s get started. I was asked to rate my reactions to situations and scored “above average.”

What an accurate test, I thought. We writers are always seeking to understand motivation for our characters’ authenticity, so that explains that. Now I was ready to take another test to corroborate these findings. The next test had 20 questions; however, something was flawed with this one because my score was “average.”

Fine. This average writer was going to find one more test and let that be the deciding factor, but clearly it needed to be more comprehensive. I found a test on Psychology Today that had 146 questions and took, according to them, 45 minutes to complete. I finished in 30 minutes, so I’m not sure if that helped my score or detracted from it.

My score – on a scale of 1 to 100 – was 73. So, if 50 is the average, clearly I’m above that. I received a simple explanation of my score, but wait, for just $9.99, I could receive the entire report along with suggestions for improvement. Oh, joy. If there was a test for the Gullible Quotient, I would score near perfect. No thank you, I’ll take it from here. Below is their *free response:

You are reasonably skilled when it comes to the core ability of identifying, perceiving and expressing emotions in yourself and others. There is still, however, room for growth. Overall, your skills in this area of emotional intelligence aid you in the process of reading others, understanding how they feel, and effectively identifying your own emotions. These skills form the basis of your ability to relate to the emotions of others as well as well as your ability to understand yourself.

Don’t you love the use of the term reasonably skilled? This response reminds me of an astrological horoscope in the sense that it could apply to almost anyone. If you’re curious about your own score, follow this link:




What is your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ)?
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