Breaking News – Are You Mindful When Love Is In the Air?


Exciting news in the love department! Scientists have discovered a new dimension explaining how individuals choose a mate. It’s called: Dispositional Mindfulness. Here’s how it works, instinctively we rate people on attractiveness, humor, intelligence, warmth, and status to determine a match, but once these needs are met, where do our desires go from there? Dispositional mindfulness is the nonjudgmental awareness and full engagement in the present moment with the person you are interacting with.

Sounds like a lot of philosophical gobbledygook, but it’s true. Recently, Scientists in Australia set out to document what happens next when the control group is comprised of only “beautiful people.” The 12 men and 12 women chosen each took a series of tests to qualify many shared similar values and were considered, by street terms, to be “hot.” The format was three-minutes of conversation per couple with a two drink maximum. After 36 minutes, scientists found the results to be “surprising” and “amazing.”

“That fact that men were drawn to attractive women surprised exactly no one,” explained one of the male Aussie scientists. “It’s consistent with evolutionary theory. What was surprising was that women have evolved more. Human females want a man capable of introspection for procreation purposes, while  at the same time, the study showed men couldn’t care less.”

To help explain the mystery, Reverend Righteous offered his take. “It’s not surprising to me. Eve was much more mindful than Adam. She knew what she was doing with that apple.”

Currently, Ph.D.’s across the world are working overtime to examine if this could be the end of procreation for men who are meatheads. There’s good news and bad. First the good: mindfulness is a learned trait – which automatically leads us to the bad.

“Interacting with a potential romantic partner can be quite anxiety provoking, take it from me,” said the only female scientist of the group as she chuckled abruptly. “Nervousness can cause people to drift from the conversation and think about things like, does this red dress make me look fat, or should I have put my contacts in, or will he ask me out again. But data has shown there’s someone for everyone, if you lower your standards enough.”

So, how did the experiment with the two-dozen beautiful participants conclude? A follow up phone interview conducted six months later determined that only one couple was still dating, though one partner had “something on the side.”

Breaking News – Are You Mindful When Love Is In the Air?
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