Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! Is love in the air? In this spirit, I set out to uncover who dreaded Valentine’s Day more: The marrieds or the singles? Personally, I thought the marrieds had it better because together you can agree to whatever you want, from doing nothing to doing something. According to Psychology Today I’m wrong. The singles have it better on a day created to celebrate being in a relationship versus being all alone.

“Valentine’s Day more often than not is a disappointment to many couples. And it’s because love is no more wonderful on February 14th than any other day in the year,” said a male scientist.

But seriously, isn’t the uncertainly and ambivalence of Valentine’s Day more agonizing? When you’re in a relationship typically you’ll at least get a card. My husband and I have negotiated Valentine’s Day down to a science. When he asks what I want for Valentine’s Day, I say, “Oh, nothing big.” This is code for “flowers.”

So why do singles have it better? For one, economics. It’s estimated that Americans will spend $142 per person, totaling $19 billion for this special day. For the singles, think of all the money you’ll save! But what if you’re one of those who thinks, my love don’t cost a thing? A homemade card, a poem, flowers stolen from your neighbor’s yard. But for this reason, singles take the advantage.

Another reason singles have it better, they don’t suffer from “Prisoner’s Dilemma” like the marrieds apparently do. According to “science” due to an abundance of choices, gift-giving or day-celebrating, what you want, what they want – it’s a minefield. One wrong move can trigger the end of the relationship. Again, the advantage goes to the singles for staying out of the battle.

Did you know that studies (Facebook) show from now until mid-March is one of the biggest times for breakups (Holidays are first)? Fifty-percent of women asked, said they would end a relationship if a guy totally ignored this holiday (Any teen mag). Psychologists say you don’t have to fear getting dumped when you’re not actually in a relationship. Yay singles!

So what’s the best strategy? According to “scientists” it’s best to overlook this day entirely. Treat it like a Tuesday. Even though the pressure from family, friends, media, greeting-card companies, chocolate companies, jewelry companies is coming at you like arrows from Cupid. Did you know singles also reported lower blood-pressure. Advantage again to the singles.

This is why, according to “experts” Valentine’s Day is better for singles. They can gloss right over the weeks leading up to the next best holiday for singles: St. Patrick’s Day. Go green!

It’s Valentine’s Day – Love it or lump it
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