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I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news on tonight’s episode of “Married at First Sight.” The good news is we have finally reached the end of the experiment. Yay! The bad news is we only see one couple’s decision tonight. Boo! Hint: it’s the least anticipated answer because the writing has been on the gorgeous walls the entire time. Tonight’s episode was merely a walk down memory lane with generalized feedback from the couples and experts about the journey and future, but I will try to make it more fun.SF Running

We begin with David and Ashley who are out for a run. As long at these two are always involved in an activity or hobby, they’ll make it, she said with a wink. In their private testimonials David confesses to worrying it may be too late for them. Ashley says she has too many emotions right now to articulate them. #Shocker. Ashley doesn’t want to talk about her feelings, imagine that. She says she hasn’t made a decision about her future, but I don’t believe her.

SF Hugging Sam

Sam and Neil are driving home from Savannah and it’s late. Sam is bouncing around like she’s had three Red Bull’s. Sam’s feeling more committed than ever, but she’s worried Neil will ask for a divorce come D-Day. Neil is clearly on the fence. He likes this new side of Sam, but is it too late? Did Sam’s behavior on the honeymoon damage their relationship beyond repair? Sam is rubbing Neil’s arm, kissing his cheek, and hugging him while he’s trying to drive. Neil just wants to go home and think by himself, but he’s is also probably thinking about a lifetime of Sam’s yakking – and can he put up with it?

SD Dinner with Vand and Tres

Tres and Vanessa are the couple who have the most going for them. If any of the couples have a shot, it’s these two, right? But Vanessa may just blow this because of her extensive walls Tres must continually climb. Grown-up love is scary, Vanessa, but you’ve got to be 100% in or your out. Tres says the week leading up to decision day was filled with arguments for the couple. They each enjoyed the homework assignments given, which was something no other couple claimed. I hope they go for it, but like Vanessa put it, it’s hard to put your faith in someone you met five weeks ago.

SF Rockclimbing

A rock climbing they will go. For their last outing prior to D-Day, Sam and Neil choose rock climbing, but not just any rock climbing, the kind where you tie off to your partner. Scary. After they successfully complete the task, Sam reminisces that if they had tried to do this three weeks ago, one of them would be dead. It puts into perspective how far they’ve come in a short amount of time and I really hope these two give their marriage a try.

The thing is, why not give it longer than six weeks? It’s not like they’re offering an annulment. If FYI were offering a one-time shot of an annulment, I can see jumping on the opportunity, but they’re not. They’re only offering a divorce, which they will most likely pay for. However If you give the experts the benefit of the doubt that you were matched for a reason, and give it a real go, you can always get the divorce later, on your dime. Use some of the money you made from the show.

SF Reflection of David and Ashley

David and Ashley sit and try to gain clarity. There are two bottom lines for Ashley: 1) she’s still not attracted to David and 2) her inability to get over that David reached out to another woman. And though she does think David is kind and considerate, while lovely attributes, these aren’t at the top of Ashley’s short list – for now. She’ll want this in about five years. In the meantime, neither wants to have any regrets.

SF Gift from Tres to Van

At this point in the show I’m thinking, can they drag it out any further. And the answer is YES! They can. Trey gives Vanessa another little gift, a brass bracelet with a dangling heart. The question is, will Tres keep up these sweet gifts and continue to bring flowers home after the cameras stop rolling? The challenge for Tres and Vanessa, say the experts, is moving beyond the physical connection and creating an emotional connection. The horror! The horror! It’s also mentioned that Vanessa is so protective of her heart, she may see red flags when there are none. Dr. Cilona hopes the couple can learn to respond to each other when emotions are running high, since that’s one of the trade-offs of having lots of chemistry and passion. Again, the horror!

SF David with his boys

SF Van & sis






For some last minute input, the couples each talk with family or friends in person or via phone to help make their decisions. Sam’s friend thinks she should go for it. Neil’s mom is hopeful for him. David’s friends are supportive of him, but on the fence with the marriage. Ashley tells her bridesmaid by phone about David’s “betrayal” and now that friends is now skeptical. Vanessa meets with her sister who wants this to work out.  And Tres talks with his buddy who tells him it’s time to make a grown-ass decision.

Out of all the participants, Sam is the only who has made her intention clear about her decision. She’s going for it. The rest won’t say out loud their intension, just that they are still undecided.

SF First to Reveal

Finally! It’s decision day. But there’s only ten minutes left in the show, so obviously we’re only going to see one couple reveal their decision. We begin with Ashley and David. David says he’s more nervous today than on their wedding day. Ashley says this is accurate – really, Ashley? Accurate?  Sigh. The couple joins Dr. Logan Levkoff and Dr. Joseph Cilona for the reveal. They want to know what each has learned from their journey. Yawn. I won’t bore you with that. Here’s the lowdown. David wants to stay married and Ashley wants a divorce.

SF David hears no

Where did it all go wrong? Ashley says when David asked another woman out. Excuse me, but what a cop out. I can appreciate this experiment was exhausting and demanding, but she signed up for it, and yet I feel Ashley checked out from the words: I do.

Tune in next week when the two other couples reveal their decisions. I hope somebody stays together.

RECAP Married at First Sight – Final Decision Part 1
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