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The end of the experiment is nearing for the couples of Married at First Sight, and according to Dr. Pepper, more conflict may occur as a result of the pressure to figure things out. We begin this pressure-cooker with David, who is returning home after his 4-day trip to recharge with family. He’s ready to apologize, again. Ashley is quiet while David shares his experiences with his family, but she does accept his apology this time.

David returns Home

Sam is out for a girls’ night at the bowling alley while Neil is in Vegas for his cousin’s wedding. She tells the girls her vision of being a unit, which makes me think of air-conditioning, but feels positive about their forward progress. When Sam tells the girls she must leave to go video-chat with Neil, she seems sad.

Sam bowlig

Over at Tres and Vanessa’s house, since the clock is ticking, the couple is trying to figure out where they want to stay after the experiment is over. Neither one of them like this current house now, but Tres doesn’t want either of them to cancel their leases. JIC. Vanessa won’t make eye-contact and this frustrates Tres. She’s worried that if they don’t have a plan in place they will drift apart. And she’s right. Secretly they are both wondering if this is going to work. They really like each other, but is that enough?

Tres frustrated

During the video-chat between Neil and Sam, things are going fine for almost a whole minute before the conversation crashes into a ditch. Sam was beginning to miss Neil, but when she asks him if he misses her, Neil says, no. Just like that. He says it takes him a long time to miss people. I’m sorry, but is this guy on the spectrum? Does he not get that you always say you miss your wife, whether you do or don’t. It’s in the guy’s marriage handbook titled, “You will be wrong from this point on, so get used to it.” Sam brushes off the diss by saying they’ll get through it…maybe. She cuts the call short, deeply disappointed that Neil has still not learned “jack-shit” from the experts.

Same hears No

Across town, Dr. Pepper stops by for a much needed visit with David and Ashley. First Dr. Pepper sits with Ashley and patiently listens about David asking another girl out for drinks. Dr. Pepper says that perhaps David did this because Ashley never shows him any love. Bam! When David meets with Dr. Pepper, she is dismayed. He explains his side, he thought he was asking a mutual friend to give him advice about Ashley, over cocktails. Instead it’s turned into #drinkgate. David pleads that he’s sorry and will do anything to save his marriage. Her advice to both of them is to get out of the house and do something. Get away somewhere. We’ll see if they listen.

Dr.Pepper mad at David

Tres is planning an elaborate weekend for Vanessa to make her feel special. Aww. He writes a note and leaves one rose behind, then packs a leaves. When Vanessa arrives home she reads the letter and learns that a driver will pick her up in 15 minutes. She doesn’t know where they’re going or what to pack, but finds the whole thing sweet. Nothing like this has ever happened to her before. They are going to a winery to ride horses and taste wine for the weekend. Tres and Vanessa are both happy with their progress as a couple.

Vanessa receives note

Sam arrives home, having spent the night at her condo, and finds flowers on the kitchen counter. She goes upstairs to wake Neil who has returned from Vegas. He has gifts for SamNeil gives her a magnet, a keychain, a fake ring, and ring dish with an owl. Sam tears up as she gives Neil two separate kisses on the cheek and a long, tearful hug. Sam is touched that Neil grabbed random stuff from the airport gift shop. Neil says he felt awful about making his wife feel sad. It wasn’t his intension. Sam brings Neil downstairs and surprises him with the wedding photos she’s enlarged and placed all over the house. The second surprise from Sam is a trip to Savannah.

Neil gives Sam gifts

There is only one week left before decision day, so everyone must do something important, like a second honeymoon, but not as extravagant. David and Ashley decide to exchange gifts. Per Dr. Pepper’s orders, they get out of the house and sit on the front porch. David’s gift to Ashley is not a gift card, but a registration form to run a race together. “Oh, boy,” she said with no enthusiasm, wishing it were a gift card. Next up is a BBQ apron for David from Ashley. He loves it. They leave the front porch and go to the backyard to cook. Such an exciting couple. I get goose-bumps. But they do have a fun day planned to go to a zip-line obstacle course. Finally, Ashley smiles. During the course, they have to cross a bridge without holding the ropes – they can only hold each others hands. Ashley thinks they’re going to fall. They don’t. Yay them!

Gift exchange

Rope climbing with D&A






Tres and Vanessa are gearing up to ride like cowboys. Someone should have told Vanessa not to ride a horse while wearing short-shorts, but that wasn’t the problem for the couple, turns out. When her horse started acting up, Vanessa got on the back of Tres’ horse with him and noticed he was breaking out in hives. They go back to the cottage and give Tres allergy meds and put ice on his face. The couple cut short their weekend without sipping any grapes, to go home. The good news, despite the setback, Tres and Vanessa each think the getaway was a success.

Riding with shorts

Back at the zip-line, David and Ashley are staring at the death tower. You climb it, hook your cable on, and jump off. Perfectly safe, but people who are afraid of heights, like David, shouldn’t do this when trying to become attractive in his wife’s eyes. Not a good idea as he sits there repeating: are we sure we won’t to do this? They walk up the tower, David goes first, and doesn’t die. Yay him! Ashley is next and has the same result. David feels more bonded over the fear and dread they each experienced. Ashley, not so much.

Top pf Rope Jump

Neil and Sam are fishing from the pier. Neil picked it because he knows Sam is outdoorsy. Remember, it’s called fishing, not catching. Kind of like it’s called marriage, not camping. But I digress. The point is, Sam and Neil are nervous about decision day, but overall feel pretty good. Neil wants to be married and wants affection. Sam wants to feel those things too, but is worried she’ll screw it up.

Fishing from the pier

Tune in next week for the season finale, part 1. The experiment is over, but are the marriages?

RECAP Married at First Sight – Last Chance for Romance
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