Are Humans Still at the Top of the Food Chain?


Food ChainStaying at the top of the food chain isn’t easy. Scientists say that humans are losing their natural instincts as we rely so heavily on technology. In the meantime, animals aren’t getting any dumber. Good thing French researchers developed a mathematical way to calculate our place in the food chain – so we know where we stand.

Here’s how they did it: With data from the food supply of the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) (not Schwartz), the researchers were able to analyze and compute the human trophic level for the first time ever. And guess what? Bad news for humans! Research found that humans are not occupying the top spot on the food chain.

“It is like so,” said one of the French scientists. “In order to be at zee top, you cannot be a vegetarian. Zey are seen as bourgeoisie.”

Here’s the breakdown: On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being at the top of the food chain, humans scored in the middle with a 2.21. Roughly “equal to an anchovy or pig” so says the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences. Carnivores scored the highest in the study, but humans have evolved into omnivores who have become accustomed to ordering their food instead of hunting their food.

“Great. Once again I’m stuck in middle-class. No matter what I do, the man is always keeping me here,” said a man who thought he was attending a job fair.

But there is “exciting” news! As a result of this study scientists have discovered what gives humans their edge – and it might surprise you. According to the so-called experts, when living in the wild, rest is risky. In order to reach the full potential of accessing our senses, we need rest. A home provides the safety needed to accomplish this – keeping humans as a species that will continue to survive.

“I think we should keep an eye on those lions,” said a mom on a school field trip with her kid. “If they are organized enough to have dens, who knows what they could be planning.”

The bottom line is this, in order for humans to achieve a higher rung on the food chain a series problems will need to be addressed like food supply, obesity, malnutrition, and agricultural inequalities. And when you stop and think about it, this is very difficult even for the brightest anchovy or pig.

Breaking News – Are Humans Still at the Top of the Food Chain?
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