The ABC’s of Vitamin D


Picture this, its winter, you are all alone and you don’t realize your exposure to vitamin D is deficient. Imagine the horror. Even scarier is you don’t get enough nutrients from food to meet the recommended standards, thus placing your body in the anemic zone. And it gets worse if you live north of Atlanta because you lack the required sun exposure needed to meet the required UVB rays – and this isn’t even a close call.

“With the one exception of Denver,” says Dr. Imareal Emdee. “We are finding that if you don’t cover up in ski jackets, hats and scarves, pretty much anything counterintuitive for preventing frost bite or the common cold, and you will receive the necessary UVB rays.”

There is even more “exciting” news in sun exposure. Strong muscles are not the only benefit vitamin D gets credit for. Turns out, vitamin D is just as valuable to our brains. Scientist have discovered an “array of effects” from nerve growth to memory loss prevention that Mr. Sun delivers to us.

S who’s at risk? If you thought the elderly, you’d be wrong. Male teens and 20-something’s are the most deficient. Studies indicate that due to their propensity for indoor gaming and non-stop working, these individuals scored the lowest levels of vitamin D

“I’m an avid gamer and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon,” said a random 23 year-old male. “I feel it’s the software company’s responsibility to develop a computer light that will shine vitamin D on me while I annihilate total strangers I’m playing against.”

But here’s where things get “interesting.” Middle-aged mice were studied because they are considered “models of human aging.” Scientists discovered only those mice receiving double the recommended dose for humans were able to ace their maze tests. The downside of lack of vitamin D could lead to psychosis, or the inability to find cheese.

“We compared two male mice, one raised in a box and on raised in the sun,” explained the scientist involved. “They both died, but the mouse in the sun lived a few days longer and didn’t try to eat its tail.”

In conclusion, here are some tips for getting the vitamin D you need. Eat salmon and sardines. Don’t wear high levels of sunscreen. Take a vitamin D supplement. And lastly, take a winter vacation to a sunny spot.

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