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I spent March 12 in Austin, Texas at The South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals (SXSW). I was a little nervous about the traffic and crowds before we went, but it was a great experience.

I do have five observations and tips about SXSW that I didn’t see online before I went:

1. Austin Police block off the downtown entrances from the highway, so don’t go that way. We had to drive all the way to Riverway and circle back on Congress.
2. Crowds in the restaurants, hotels and bars are not that bad. I was always able to find a bar stool somewhere to have a drink. I had to look of course. Many of the conference members are looking for the free food and drink.
3. Before you go, get your tickets and VIP passes if possible. This is very important or you will wait in lines like you would not believe. Plan what parties you are going to ahead of time and map out where they are, or you won’t be going to them.
4. Take a backpack. If you have to wear nice shoes for a conference, bring some walking shoes with you.
5. If you’re there the first week, and you can’t get into any of the parties that you already have VIP wristbands for, and this will happen, go to the Driskill Hotel second floor bar. It will be better than wherever you were going.

The parties on the street are packed. Every so often during the night parades promoting something march down Sixth Street. I’ve attached three videos. Additional blogs can be seen at

Dragons in the street:

Indie Film Promotion:

Wild Animals in parade:

Russell Little writes about his travels and experiences at His first novel, Murder For Me, is scheduled to launch this year.

Guest Blog – 5 Tips for SXSW
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