Crystal Ball

Whether we watch psychic mediums on TV or in person, part of their shtick is they often connect with a dead person and provide the living person a message or some form of confirmation. Something that says they are still with us. I wanted this desperately, the elixir to my life from my father who had died four years earlier, but I kept it to myself. Seeing a psychic should be approached like a game of poker. Never show your hand.

So, my psychic was relaying to me that one of my “guides” was calling me a hypocrite. Apparently of my two guides, one is “very bossy” and likes to call me out on shit. Throughout the session I heard more than once that something was “none of my business” from said guide pertaining to my life. As my psychic was explaining that I expect courage from others when I struggle with it myself, she paused for a second, tilted her head, and said, “Who’s the charismatic gentleman who keeps interrupting?”

Of course I wanted to believe this was my dad. “Destiny” couldn’t provide a name or an initial or anything specific, but she did say he’s funny and the ladies in heaven love him. It’s a nice image, don’t you think? Doesn’t everyone want to think of their dead dad as a hip lady’s man? My psychic said that my dad wished  he would have “said more” to me. Again, specifics weren’t given, but he’s proud of me. Worth the $200 I paid, right? And it’s certainly cheaper than therapy, but is it true? Was my dad proud of me? I asked the psychic what my dad thought about my blog: My Comedy Therapy. Specifically, did he think anyone would start reading it?

I don’t know about your house, but growing up in my house we each had a role. My dad was the funny one; my mom the pretty one; my brother the beloved son; and with only one spot left, I naturally became the black sheep. Plus I’m adopted, so it was a natural fit. The point being, my dad was the funny one. Not me. And he was stand-up funny, while at best, I’m sit-down funny. So what did he think about my blog?

He likes it, hey Mikey! Here’s the thing, I didn’t learn anything about myself that I didn’t already know deep, deep, deep down. So I pushed for specifics, like, when were people going to start reading my blog? Good news everyone! By February 2017 you will all be reading my blog. Sure, I wanted to hear the word: tomorrow, but apparently I’m “not ready yet” per my bossy guide.

So in the meantime, I’m supposed to work on my craft and become courageous in comedy. Though it’s likely I’ll never attempt stand-up, just writing jokes can be tricky. I struggle with, where’s that line? And if I cross it will the haters come after me? The thing is, not everyone is going to get me. My psychic didn’t say how to handle this and I forgot to ask. Her specific words were: In February 2017 I will be “recognized” for my blog. Think, think, think. What’s going on next Feb 2017? Oh yeah! Super Bowl LI will be in my city. Coincidence? Well, you know what my psychic would say about that.

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