New Logo MFS It’s been six months since the “Married at First Sight” experiment concluded and Dr. Pepper is back to check in with the crew. We begin with Neil and Sam who were matched because of their quirkiness. Turns out, not all quirkiness is compatible, and in the end, due to the couple’s rough start, Neil asked Sam for a divorce. As you recall she was devastated.

Sam and Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper meets with Sam first and she’s not devastated anymore. She seems confident and at peace with the process after growing through her “self-correction” journey. Sam hated watching herself on television and would have asked herself for a divorce, if possible. The turning point for “falling for Neil” (because Sam won’t admit to falling in love) was the Las Vegas trip. When Neil said he didn’t miss her, Sam’s heart sank. And when he returned with gifts, Sam’s heart lifted. This is when things changed for her and she really started to care, but this is when Neil decided things weren’t going to work out. After the show ended, Sam said she and Neil tried to work things out, but in the end they decided it was best to just be friends.

Last show Sam

Dr. Pepper then meets with Neil. He says he’s doing phenomenal. I’m just glad he’s keeping his beard trimmed. Neil explained that the first two weeks of their marriage did such a number to his psyche, he thought something was wrong with him. But in the end, he never formed an emotional attachment to Sam – which is a problem I think Neil will have for the rest of his life. But after of six months, they aren’t divorced yet. Is there hope?

Last show Neil

Next, Dr. Pepper brings the couple together. Dr. Pepper feels that a friendship is a wonderful outcome. Translation: it’s better than hating each other. For Neil, he learned how important communication is. Sam feels immense shame for how judgmental she was and apologizes to Neil, which he accepts because it’s not the words that matter (not true), but her emotions that say it all. They hug it out.

Last show Neil and Sam hug

Onto David and Ashley. First, Dr. Pepper meets with Ashley, or the lady of the evening that once used to be Ashley. What is up with the heavy makeup and lace stockings? Is she going to the club after this? If only Ashley had put this much attention into her marriage, am I right? Ashley says she’s doing fantabulous now that she’s not married to David who? Oh, that guy that asked another woman out? What about him? Dr. Pepper mentions that perhaps Ashley comes off as cold and never really gave David a chance. Ashley says she was overwhelmed and found the process to be difficult – kind of like her. When asked if she’d consider meeting with David one last time, Ashley says she sees no reason to. Brr. Could you pass me my jacket? It’s cold in here.

Last show Ashley laceLast show AShlely makeup
Moving on to David. He’s now clean faced and looks even more eager if that’s possible, but he’s smiling and seems legitimately happy. David says when he watched the show back he realized how he pushed too much and couldn’t take the hint that his wife wanted nothing to do with him. In my opinion, David was more interested in the marriage than the wife. Dr. Pepper confronts David about the other woman and if he asked her out or not. David says no and explains how difficult it would be to date another woman with a film crew in tow. Good point. In the end he learned patience and is optimistic that he’ll meet his future wife any day now. Like, any moment. In fact, she could be watching this very second.

Last show David

Now we get to the happy couple Tres and Vanessa who are not so happy anymore. Vanessa cries as she tells Dr. Pepper they have broken up. Nooo! Our only surviving couple has not survived? Things in the beginning were great. Sure there were some bumps along the way like trust issues, but they were the only couple to consummate their marriage, so that meant something, right? Unfortunately, one night Tres didn’t come home until 5:00 in the morning and this led to an awful fight. The couple said things they couldn’t take back. Like the fact that Tres no longer had a romantic attraction to Vanessa. Ouch. Vanessa wonders if it’s not totally over yet.

Last show VAn cries

So when Dr. Pepper meets with Tres, she is pissed. She’s like a mama bear and Tres has just hurt her cub. Tres explains that they had it – then they lost it – and he didn’t feel like looking for it. He began to feel the burnout from always having to prove himself. Personally, I knew the little gifts and flowers were more for us than Vanessa. Tres says he takes all the blame for cutting off the sex, but he thought they had bigger issues to work on than intimacy. WTF? He pretends to choke up explaining he was always walking on eggshells. Dr. Pepper mentions they are still married and would he like to try again. Tres says he cares for Vanessa but…

Last show Tres cries

When they meet for their joint interview, Tres apologizes to Vanessa for bringing out her insecurities when he cut off sex. Neither can look at the other. Vanessa accepts the apology and agrees to move forward and reconcile some of the hurtful things they said. Dr. Peppers gives up, tells them to go forth, have dinner, and be happy.

Last show Tres & Van talk

Neil and Sam meet up for their “closure’ brunch and have decided to exchange goodbye gifts. Sam has made Neil a medal hanger for his running medals he will win someday and Neil gives Sam a charm bracelet with a brass leaf – so that she may turn it over. I think this is kind of a cheap shot, but Sam loves it and that’s all that matters. They are not failures just because their marriage failed.

Last Show in PJ's

Tres and Vanessa meet for dinner and Vanessa has brought her A-Game. Girl looks hot in her black dress and leather jacket. And the red lipstick – perfect touch! They talk about the good times and how well their families got along. As you can see, divorce effects everyone. They agree this was a good experience, even if it didn’t work out. They are forever bonded and better people for it.

Lasts show Tres and Van toast

Dr. Pepper says that everyone entered into the experiment with the right intentions (cough, cough, not Ashley.) and Dr. Pepper is proud of the individuals as well as the couples. She leaves feeling inspired – that six more fools will marry and divorce on the show for Season 4.

RECAP Married at First Sight – Six Months Later
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