Breaking New–Scientist Discover Physical Realities Alter Perception


What is perception? It’s the organization, identification, and interpretation of the sensory information our brain provides to help us understand our environment. And perception varies like bodies at a nudist colony.

Scientist have discovered “exiting” news regarding our physical perception. Both positive and negative. Two studies were conducted to see how the power of perception can be altered.

The first study was conducted as a hiking exercise with participants of average weight and height. Group 1 was sent on their way while Group 2 had to carry a 20 pound dumbbell. The results were “shocking.” Group 2 thought the hills were steeper, distances looked further, and the “damn hike seemed endless.”

But it’s not all Debby-downer news. If the physicality could alter reality in a negative way, could conditions be manipulated to create a positive outcome? Researcher, Amy Cuddy, conducted a study where participants were told to stand in a Superman/Wonder Woman pose for two minutes in a bathroom prior to a job interview. The control group was told just to go to the job interview. Exciting news! Everyone who assumed the position was hired.

We decided to see if these results could be duplicated with local citizens at the grocery store. Here are the results from three participants who followed the pose/interview instructions.



“This came very natural to me. I always stand this way. And I didn’t stop at two minutes. That’s for wusses. I stood this way for five minutes, ignoring the knocks on the bathroom door.”





“Like, I tried it, but was so embarrassed, you know what I mean? I knew there were other ways I could get hired, if you know what I mean.”






“Here’s the thing, I looked like an ass in the john. And other dudes kept looking at me funny. Long story short, I nearly got in a fight, and to avoid me suing them, I was hired.”

Breaking News – Scientists Discover Physical Realities Alter Perception
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