Guest BloggingCoffee By the Dead Sea by Russell Little

While in Israel, we retained a private guide and van to take us by the Dead Sea to Masada. On the way, we stopped by the Jordan River to dip into the water at the place our guide told us John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

At the river, people bought thin white gowns to put on to be baptized. This included the very uncomfortable fact that adult women were taking all their clothes off, including their undergarments, and being dunked in the river. When they came out of the water, they were essentially naked.

A devout church from Africa came singing their beautiful songs and baptizing each other. Watching their joy was a big plus for the day.

As we drove by the blue Dead Sea, with the tall cliffs pushing us on the other side, our van’s engine exploded and left us stranded. There was one building visible—a small shack where a young Palestinian sold coffee.

Instead of being upset, we walked down to the shack and drank the best coffee of the trip while we looked out on the Dead Sea for 45 minutes until the new van showed up. We may have been about the only business the young man working there had. It was a great part of the day.

As we drove to Masada the guide was very grateful and happy that instead of having mad customers about the break down that wasn’t his fault, we enjoyed our coffee break. “Everyone should always have that attitude.” He preached. That’s not usually me, but I took it as a lesson, and it made the tour of Masada even better.

Russell Little practices law and writes in Houston, Texas. He blogs at  His first published novel, Murder For Me, will be available this year.
Coffee by the Dead SeaThis particular blog is about his recent trip to Israel.  You can see the broken down van in the picture over Russell’s shoulder.
Guest Blogger – Coffee By the Dead Sea
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