Why Start a Blog?Why Start a Blog

I’ve been getting this question now that people are finding out about my website – mycomedytherapy.com. And maybe my fellow bloggers who came before me have to. To people who ask I want to say, why the hell not. Seriously, if you have to ask the question, will you understand the answer?

When the mountain climber is asked why Everest, we know the answer is because it’s there. And isn’t the World Wide Web today’s Mount Everest? (Without falling to your actual death, just your virtual death.) However, the real question is, why does this question make me feel so defensive? Here are some reasons:

  • I’m not qualified to make others laugh
  • People think they’re funnier than me
  • It’s not like I’m going to make any real money
  • How in the heck am I going to design a website

I am a real writer, meaning I’ve been paid to write for magazines and newspapers, but it was mostly serious stuff with the occasional fluff pieces. I’ve even written a couple of novels (that made no real money). When I started blogging for another website, and the goal was to be funny writing reality TV recaps, I was instantly hooked. Where had this thing called “comedy” been my whole life? It felt like I discovered a new religion. I wanted to put on a white shirt, ride my bike around and knock on people’s doors to share this new discovery.

“Laughter really is the best medicine,” I would say as I handed over the pamphlet – jokes for the john.

My husband was the one who kept saying over and over, start a blog. And I’d say, “No, everybody has one.” But ideas did come to me and I wrote them down, not knowing if anything would come of it. Then I read a book that “changed my life!” Poking a Dead Frog by Mike Sacks. If you are interested in writing comedy, this is a must read.

Sacks interviewed top comedy writers asking deep, intimate questions you would expect from a Vanity Fair writer. I learned something from every interview, laughing my way through the book. In fact, I was reading this book in the doctor’s officer and laughing so hard, nurses checked on me twice to see if I was okay. My laughter apparently sounds like crying.

Poking a Dead Frog was the soil, fertilizer, and water, which gave me the confidence to grow the blog.

So to answer the question of why start a blog; especially a comedy blog, my answer is: for passion, for possibility, and (maybe) for profit, but mostly for the challenge of conquering a new frontier. Just like the person climbing Everest, they aren’t doing it for a paycheck, they’re doing it because something deep inside needs to answer the call.

Random Thoughts – Why Start A Blog???
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