Three Cheers for Melatonin!Melatonin

Great news in the world of science! Melatonin is no longer thought of as “Melatonin Madness.” We know this vitamin is capable of reducing jet-lag and inducing sleep, but the often misunderstood hormone/antioxidant is being recommended for much more than sleep, finally putting the R-E-S-P-E-C-T and taking out the P-E-C.

Here’s how it works, when the skies grow dark, our natural melatonin will kick in signaling the body and brain it’s time to shut down. But as we age, this hormone loses potency. This is where melatonin additives come in. Finally those suffering from “Dracula syndrome” can get a good night’s sleep in their coffin. But here’s where things really get “exciting.” Scientists say that melatonin also helps the brain function. Bonus!

“Here’s a drug you can feel good about taking and becoming addicted to,” said one of the scientists.

And the great news doesn’t end there, melatonin is now getting credit for being an anti-depressant. Scientists have discovered this also helps SAD. SAD isn’t just clever acronyms, it stands for, Seasonal Affective Disorder, which effects millions of people living in areas where they don’t see the sun for extended periods of time.

The scientist continued, “Every time I watch “The Shining” I think to myself, if only Jack Nicholson’s character had access to some melatonin. Maybe then he wouldn’t have tried to kill his wife and kid. Those are pretty normal feelings when you’re combatting cabin fever.”

Here are more fun facts about melatonin:

  • Helps regulate insulin secretion – Let’s hear it for those with diabetes. Pick up that cheeseburger.
  • Influences estrogen release – Ladies who love having their periods, this is for you.
  • Acts as a free-radical scavenger – Get ready for an internal beat down on unstable molecules.
  • Cherries are the richest food in melatonin – You know what to do…pop that cherry!
Three Cheers for Melatonin!
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