Facebook is turning people colorsFacebook is Turning People Different Colors

Are you green with envy? Blue with sorrow? Or pink with pleasure? Scientists have discovered spending excessive time on Facebook can effect one’s mood and cause individuals to have flashes of emotional colors.

“We already know that lonely people spend more time on Facebook because they have no life,” said one of the scientists who also has no life. “But it might surprise you to know that moods can be altered depending on what’s being shared.”

For example, when posters brag about that new promotion or love interest, this can diminish another person’s well-being. However, there is an upside. When people post bad news or self-denigrating comments, this helps the lonely Facebooker to feel better about their life and experience shades, if only momentarily, of pink, instead of their usual green with envy.

“Here’s what I do,” explained the scientist. “When someone brags about how great they are, I negate that statement then block them from my friend list. But if they post how their house just flooded for the second time in ten months, I send a virtual hug.”

So what’s the takeaway? If you tend to get envious easily, limit your time on Facebook. This might seem counterintuitive to believers in exposure therapy who advocate for the individual to spend more time on Facebook and retrain the brain to not feel emotions such as jealousy, however, scientists say that out of sight, out of mind is more effective.

“Don’t blame technology. Blame the person who is most likely lying about how great their life is.”

Breaking News – Facebook is Turning People Different Colors
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