Big Old TVBreaking News – The Effort to Eliminate Pharma Ads; American’s Scream, “Hooray!”

Picture this, you are watching NCIS with your family when an ad for erectile dysfunction appears on the television set. Never mind the list of possible side effects is enough to make you think the cure is worse than the disease, but what do say when little Suzy or Joey asks what E.D. is and “Does daddy have it?” Sure daddy struggles with this, but the kids don’t need to know.

On average, Americans watch 30 hours of pharmaceutical ads each year with drug makers spending 5.2 million dollars on advertising in 2015 alone. Ever since the FDA relaxed their rules, allowing drug makers to bypass the drug dealers, they have created a climate rife with over diagnosis and overmedication.

John Smitherson, an avid TV watcher, had this to say. “It never fails that these ads come on while I’m eating dinner. This is a total conspiracy. At first it was the telemarketers calling, but now thanks to caller ID, it’s these ying-yangs.”

A poll recently conducted showed that 57% of Americans favored the removal of such ads citing their “total gross out” from the ongoing list of “disgusting” and “horrific” potential side effects.

Jane Doelery had this to say, “Look, anytime death is a possible side effect, why in the name of all things stupid, would someone say, ‘Hey, give me some of that?’”

Many of the pharmaceutical drugs advertised are for life-threatening diseases and not only ineffective for the common person, but cost prohibitive as well. Doctors have reported an increase by 28% of patients seeing an ad on television and asking for that prescription in their office.

A read doctor said the following. “The last thing I want to hear when a patient walks in my office is they have self-diagnosed their symptoms on the internet. Excuse me, but did the internet spend 4 years in college, 4 years in med school, and another 4 in residency? I don’t think so.”

Currently there is a bill before Congress to pass the Responsibility in Drug Advertising Act, because, just what Americans need, is more government involvement.

The Effort to Eliminate Pharma Ads; American’s Scream, “Hooray!”
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