Ode to a Swamphouse Ode to a Swamphouse

Do we ever know how good we have it while we still have it? I’m sure some of you have mastered this, but I have not. Recently, we sold our second home, the one I never really wanted in the first place, but in the end had grown to love it, and wasn’t ready to let go of it. Here’s what happened.

Ten years ago my husband found a piece of property that he just had to have. It was a quarter acre, water front property of an alligator infested lake. What’s not to love, right? #sarcasm So naturally I was one of those wives who said, “No frigging way.” I’m a city girl who has little interest in fishing, but since fishing makes him happy, and it was less than an hour from our home and it wasn’t that expensive, I caved.

At the Swamphouse


Flash forward four years and he wanted to build a house on the property. Again I gave my stock answer of, “No frigging way.” Did I mention these are gator infested waters? Did I mention I’m a city girl who doesn’t fish? But it made him happy and we could afford it so how could I say no, even though I wanted to.

Flash forward six years and I have grown to love this place. My favorite time to be at the “Swamphouse” is when it’s raining. It love the greenery and the oak trees with the hanging moss. I have even grown to like fishing. But now my husband wants to sell the place. He tells me, “Don’t worry it’ll probably take a year to sell.” So I agree because who wants to live on an alligators infested lake, right?

 Rainy Day

Wrong! Flash forward three weeks, we got an offer at nearly asking price. What is happening? It was supposed to take 12 months. And I’ve even named a few of the gators, like Ali and Gator. What will become of them? And the trees? These are the most beautiful trees. And the birds? Did I tell you that our “Swamphouse” was on the migration pattern of over 126 different types of fowls? 

Me with Fish

I’m so sad, but I have to accept and realize that the stars were in perfect alignment for the right person to come along – so soon. It’s time to move on to another adventure. I just wished I had recognized from the beginning what this place would come to mean. The grief I feel is deep. Like a child leaving for college. A good friend moving away. A lost loved one.

Feel free to comment and share if this has happened to you. Have you realized too late how good you had it until you didn’t have it anymore? And if you’ve overcome this, how did you do it? Thanks!

Ode to a Swamphouse
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