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On this week’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn prepare for a smashing good time. We resume mid mini-session with Brittany and Dr. Jenn. Dr. Jenn informs Brittany that she has spoken with her bio dad’s sister, Naisha, and she is on her way, like it or not. Brittany is overwhelmed by the speed in which everything is happening. This is not what Brittany came here for. She thought she was here to work on her relationship with her sister Briana.

Family Therapy mini session

It’s time for a night out. Bam and April however, will be spending their time at an AA meeting while the rest go bowling to blow off steam. Michael and Dina are actually getting along and laughing. Sister and Tiffany’s futures are so bright, they have to wear sunglasses in the dark bowling alley. And Jeremy enjoys beating his brother Damon in something.

Family Therapy Bowling

The following morning, Tiffany tells the counselor she is cramping and spotting. It’s time to go back to the doctor. Dr. Jenn says sometimes this is normal, but sometimes it’s not. Sister asks if she can come along even though her daughter isn’t pregnant – and maybe she’s not. Won’t Sister feel bad? And maybe not.

Family Therapy Tiffany Cramps

Tiffany tells the doctor she feels like she’s about to start her period. They conduct an ultrasound, though Sister explains that she already conducted a metaphysical examination and there is no baby in the womb. But even the untrained eye can see a heartbeat on the monitor. Sister, you be wrong! Tiffany is ecstatic about her baby and Sister is in love with the office light fixture.

Family Therapy Ultra SoundFamily Therapy Sister Light







It’s time for a group exercise! Dr. Conti leads the group to the smash house. You remember this – where everyone gets to destroy a mock house. Technically this is a form of expressive therapy. Say it slowly, ex-press-ive ther-a-py. Each section of the house is set up as triggers for the cast members.

We begin with Bam. His section has bottles of alcohol, parts of a wrecked car, and the accident report from his friend’s death. He says, “Drinking is the f*cking root of the problem so I’m done with it.” Bam smashes all of the bottles and says he is done hurting himself, his father and his mother. Mother and son hug it out. April is proud of her son and sees a difference in the two weeks they’ve been there.

Family Therapy Bam Smash

Jeremy is up next. His section has an old TV set and Christmas tree in the mock living room. He takes a sledgehammer and tears up the place including the window that he throws the Christmas tree through. Jeremy says he feels judged by Damon. He wants Damon’s respect and love and to move forward. They hug it out.

Family Therapy Jeremy Smash

It’s Tiffany’s turn. She is not allowed to do any heavy lifting or breaking of items due to her pregnancy so Dr. Jenn and Dr. Conte have modified her exercise. There is a giant poster of her mother and a cake. “I’m carrying a baby in my vagina,” Tiffany yells at the poster. She takes the cake and smashes it on the poster while yelling that she’s sick of trying to prove herself to her mother. Tiffany says she needs nothing from her mom and walks out in defiance. Then turns back, hugs her mother and asks if she believes her. Sister says, “I believe that you believe that you’re pregnant.” Somebody please pick up the sledgehammer and knock it into Sister-sledge.

Family Therapy Cake Smash

Up next is Brittany. Her section is decorated with Sweet 16 posters and baby furniture. She takes a bat and starts smashing the window. Then stops. Brittany says, “I’m really mad. I wish I had a Dad who’s alive and part of my life.” A lot of pressure is now out and off her shoulders.

Family Therapy Sweet 16

We see quick shots of the others smashing things up. April says she’s not a violent person, but this was a big help. She tells Michael how great it was, but it’s not his turn yet. It’s Dina’s turn. The Lohan section has pills and mug shots and tabloid covers. Dina starts crying and doesn’t want to participate except to pull down the tabloid poster of herself. Dina doesn’t feel she needs to break anything. Dr. Jenn tells her to quit being so passive/aggressive. The other castmates cheer her on. Dina picks up the bat and begins smashing things, then sobs in Dr. Jenn’s arms.

Family Therapy Lohan Tabloid

Dr. Jenn calls Michael over, but Dina doesn’t want him near her. She walks off. You can see Michael’s anger festering. He grabs a sledgehammer and begins smashing things. Which is what he’s supposed to do, right? No. For some reason, men in white coats try to stop him. I don’t get this. Even the other castmates are confused as to why Michael was stopped. Michael says, “I’ll take the whole f*cking house down.”

Family Therapy Michael Rages

Dr. Jenn says that Michael started smashing before he had permission. Really? I’m not a Michael Lohan fan by any means, but I totally get where he’s coming from on this. Unfortunately, Michael takes it to the next level, goes into a rage, and proves Dina right that he’s a psycho. Dr. Conte walks around with Michael trying to calm him and then they go back in the house, move everyone out, and give Michael permission to go. And he goes and goes like the Energizer bunny. Finally it’s all out. Let the healing begin! Michael still thinks Dina isn’t copping to her crap.

The following morning in the kitchen, Michael says good morning to Dina, but she ignores him. He tries to apologize for last night, but all she wants to know is the comment Michael made about “all the alcoholics.” Sigh. Dina says that Michael blames everyone but himself. Sigh. He tries to explain, but Dina won’t listen and walks off. Sigh.

Family Therapy Kitchen M & D

Dr. Conte and Dina go have a mini-session on the patio. She explains that it brought her back to a place when Michael would always break things in their house and he’s warped. But not her. No ma’am. Dr. Conte explains that sometimes people (meaning you Dina) need to apologize for contributing to the mess. This goes over Dina’s head and she says she was always in survival mode. Dr. Conte suggests Dina apologize but don’t give a qualifier. Like, I’m sorry, but… We’ll see if Dina can manage this very difficult task.

Family Therapy Dina

Back in Tiffany and Sister’s room, once again Sister won’t listen. You see, the cramps are just gas. Sister tries once again to metaphysically feel the baby and once again, there is no baby in that vagina. Tiffany tries to tell her mother she’s concerned about the baby and Sister breaks into a maniacal laugh, asking if everyone else has gone mad.Family Therapy Sister Meta

It’s time for Brittany’s session with her new Aunt. She’s freaking out but ready to rip the band aid off. Naisha enters with a warm smile and says, “I’ve been waiting a long time to hold you.” She tells Brittany how much she looks like her father and shows her pictures. Naisha explains that her father had a tough upbringing, but he was a caregiver and protector. He did have a quick temper, but it was because of how they were brought up. Brittany says she has a quick temper, too. Naisha says she watched Teen Mom just so she could see Brittany. Hopefully they will continue to get to know each other after the show’s conclusion.Family Therapy Brittany and Naisha

Tune in next week when Dr. Jenn calls bullshit on Dina and we meet Bam’s dad.

RECAP Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn – Smash House
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