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I can’t believe it’s over, but the fat lady is singing – and I’m not talking about Sister Patterson. Whether the healing has begun or a cure has been found, it’s time for the season finale of Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. Some of the castmates are doing well like Bam, Brittany and the Dash brothers, but time is running out for others like Dina Lohan and Sister Patterson. FT - Crazy Sister

It’s time for the last one-one-one session for Tiffany so she can face the fact that her mother will probably never be the supportive person she needs. Tiffany is questioning her mother’s sanity, as she should. Dr. Jenn points out that Tiffany enables her mother when she goes along to get along. Dr. Jenn’s advice is to not let Sister’s crazy ways silence her. They hug it out. Tiffany has learned that by being honest, she is respecting herself. Aww, she all growed up.

Family Therapy One on One

Out by the pool, Dina is kvetching once again about Dr. Jenn bringing up the past. Even though every one of them has had to deal with their past, this is annoying to Dina. Dr. Conte and Michael have a sit-down by the pool, in plain view of Dina, but out of earshot. Dr. Conte tells Michael he most likely won’t get an apology from Dina, but to go ahead and validate her feelings until the end of time. In other words, say, “Yes, Dina, I hit you once, 25 years ago. You are correct as always.” Dr. Conte is proud of Michael’s growth and so is Michael.

Family Therapy Dr. Conte

It’s time for the final group session! The question being asked – what did they get out of their experience? Brittany found truth about where she came from and is grateful for the support she received from the others. For Bam this was a life-saving event. He was killing himself with pills and alcohol. The drunk Bam is dead, long live Bam. Sister Patterson didn’t get a damn thing because she didn’t need no fixing. And her daughter is not pregnant.

Family Therapy Last Group

Moving on to Michael. He thought he could get through this himself and learned he could not. Michael thanks Dina for allowing him to be forthcoming with his part and he feels good that Dina can resolve her (messed up) life. Dina says a huge weight has been lifted and now she can moved forward unencumbered. Dr. Jenn tells Dina that Michael gave the wonderful gift of taking responsibility, is there anything Dina would like to say. Crickets can be heard. Finally Dina says, “I’m sorry for the part I contributed to you not being around your kids.” She now sees the light, though Dina will just put her Louis Vuitton shades on next week. Michael thinks they’re going to be friends again. Poor, delusional man.

Family Therapy Dina Says Thanks

The cast and counselors are throwing Tiffany a surprise baby shower, except Sister, she’s still in denial. Tiffany is in tears when she sees what they’ve done. She opens her gifts while Sister stares in a dream-like trance. Sister opens a gift and says she can use baby wipes. When the crib and stroller are unveiled, Sister really starts to lose her grip on reality and talks about how much her bird would kill for one of the rattles.

Family Therapy Surprise

Family Therapy Baby Shower






Dr. Jenn excuses herself. Unbeknownst to everyone, Sister’s brother, Steve, has flown in from across the country to provide insight. Dr. Jenn tells Steve that his sister, Michelle, has received a few awards: Most Aggressive; Most Resistant; Most Argumentative; Most Angry; and Most in Denial. Give it up for Sister! Steve explains that growing up they were close knit family raised by two strict pastors, but there was a lot of love. As a child, Michelle required a lot of attention – no surprise there – and always had to have it her way – again no surprise. Steve says that Michelle is gifted by clairvoyance, but agrees this is just an excuse to not acknowledge real life.

Family Therapy Steve with Dr. Jenn

Dr. Jenn explains the pregnancy situation to Steve and how Michelle doesn’t believe there’s a baby in Tiffany’s vagina. Steve says that he can bet Michelle thinks everyone is plotting against her. He says he’ll try and help with Tiffany not slipping back into a submissive role with her mom – but doesn’t really look convinced he can to it.

Family Therapy Steve

They bring out one last surprise for Tiffany, and it’s Steve. Sister and Tiffany are very excited to see him. This is Sister’s favorite moment through her entire three weeks. She is laughing and exhibiting real emotions – more than she’s ever shown in three weeks. The rest of the cast is kind of freaking out over this psychotic break-through.

Family Therapy Crazy Cackle

Sister tells Steve that Tiffany is not pregnant and begins to cackle like a crazy witch. Steve tells his sister she’s gonna be a grandmother. The cackling continues and Sister praises Jesus while the other participants scatter out of the Twilight Zone. Sister tells her brother that Tiffany is creating this lie to kill her. Then things really get weird. Sister starts saying, “Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay” to her bother. Then she says, “Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen.” And after all that, she tries to slap her brother. Get the straight jacket!

Family Therapy Sister Slaps

Damon Dash is paying attention to his street instincts and stays the eff out of it. Jeremy agrees that you shouldn’t mess Sister because the wrath of all things mighty will rain down like frogs. Steve tells his sister that Tiffany is a grown ass woman and to rejoice in the blessing called pregnancy. Hallelujah! It sinks in. Sister gets it. For real this time. Tiffany is having a baby. It’s a miracle and a spectacle, but such is life.

Family Therapy Sister Gets It

Dr. Jenn gathers the crew to give them their last supper. And one will be then be crucified – just kidding. But seriously, who would you choose? Dr. Jenn has given each of participants a bracelet with an engraved word or phrase to help them through tough times.

Family Therapy Bracelet

Brittany:  Express your feelings            Briana:  Speak up               Bobby:  Take charge

Jeremy:  Forgiveness                               Damon:  Listen                   Bam:  A new beginning

April:  Let go                                               Dina:  Let it out                   Michael:  Own it

Sister:  Faith                                               Tiffany:  Speak your truth

Family Therapy Toast

The parting words from Dr. Jenn are: Every family is worth fighting for. Thanks for the memories. I definitely feel better about my family after watching their family.

RECAP Family Therapy – Last Days of Therapy
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