ScientistBreaking News! Scientists Discover Happiness Isn’t About Material Items; Or Is It?

From time to time, those who are ambitious, feel like losers. Why? You’ve seen the crochet pillow that reads:



We certainly live in a world that reinforces this rule, but is it true? Do material possessions equate success? Not so, says Strayer University. According to their study, 90% of Americans believe “happiness” is a bigger indicator of success than power, prestige or possessions. And the study didn’t stop there. When asked to define “success” 67 percent of the participants said that “good relationships with friends and family” were how they determined success.

So why are people envious of the Jones’s new car or bigger and better house if they don’t define success through materialism? To explore this “exciting” new finding, we stopped to ask citizens at the local grocery store for their take.



“Those scientists are stupid. Of course materialism is linked to success. You think I’ll let any guy pick me up at a bar? Hell no. He better be wearing designer clothes or don’t bother talking to me.”






“Like, I think it’s much deeper than any study realizes. See, if I need to ‘fake it to make it’ then I need to wear Jimmy Choo’s and carry a Prada bag. Like, then people will think I’m successful, and therefore I will be successful.”






“Yo, I love my toys and plan to be buried in my Corvette wearing ever single gold chain I own. That way, I’m winning the most forever.”

Scientists Discover Happiness Isn’t About Material Items; Or Is It?
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