Breaking News! Slouchers Have Edge; Albeit Hunched

Slouchers Have Edge

Growing up how many times were you told to, “Sit up straight!”

Scientists have now uncovered “exciting” news that reveals the sloucher may have the edge, albeit hunched. A small body of research is now suggesting when controlling your position, simple tasks get harder, such as counting backwards because so much energy is directed at that one task of sitting tall.

When scientists studied Japanese 4th graders who were typically made to sit tall or face possible execution, when they relaxed, these kids were better able to concentrate and achieve perfection on all their challenging math problems in half the time.

Here are the details: First, the children were fitted with electrodes and placed in backless chairs. After the children were promised their parents would not be told the results of the test, they were given math problems escalating in difficulty. Scientists soon noticed that the kids’ core muscles relaxed and their backs naturally slouched as they focused on the more difficult problems. Scientists speculate this indicates that a slouched posture frees up “some cognitive behavior.”

However, as it stands (or sits) the posture theory is not an exact science. Future tests will need to be conducted, but scientists have concluded they must move these studies to a different country where a perfect score is not a life or death issue.

Breaking News! Slouchers Have Edge; Albeit Hunched
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