chimpanzee-978809_640Not Going to the Zoo This Summer – Here Are Other Kid Friendly Trips

Since going to the zoo may not be in your family plans this summer for fear your child will fall into a gorilla exhibit, we’ve put together a list of other fun things to do for the entire family.

Looking for adventure in the Atlantic? Why not take the kids to the Bermuda TriangleBermuda Triangle, otherwise known as Devil’s Triangle, where airplanes and ships seem to vanish. Is it haunted? Is it cursed? Or is it simply misunderstood? Think of the fun you’ll have with the kids as you travel through this region. I’m pretty sure they will be on their best behavior lest the paranormal forces strike up.

Whaley House


If the ocean’s not for you, how about traveling to a real haunted house. In fact, the Whaley House of San Diego, is the only authenticated haunted house by the United States Department of Commerce – but can you really trust the government? Despite numerous ghost sightings throughout the halls, rumors say when visitors stand between the music room and the parlor, they can feel a choking sensation. No more back talk from those kids!

Machu Picchu


Don’t believe in ghosts? Who’s in the mood to go to Peru? Machu Picchu is said to be the runways for alien space crafts. Due to the windless, dry climate, from the air you can spot a 360-foot long monkey, or 443-foot condor, and the popular 935-foot pelican – and that’s just three of 700 images dating back over 2,000 years ago. Will extraterrestrials land during your visit with the kids? Who knows, but the possibility will be as petrifying as the wood.


And lastly, remember the story, Treasure Island? How about taking the kids to visit the real Treasure Island, called Oak Island, located not far from Nova Scotia. Back in the day, pirates roamed (or crashed into) this island. In fact, there’s a reported two-million pounds of coins buried there. Imagine the thrill digging for buried treasure with the kids, but watch out for booby-traps! Underwater floods can be tripped so make sure everyone has their life vests on as you make the kids dig to pay for their college education.Treasure Island


Hope everyone has a safe and educational summer without getting a gorilla killed!

Not Going to the Zoo This Summer – Here Are Other Kid Friendly Trips
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