Why Is Life So HardWhy Is Life So Hard?

In today’s age, humans have never had it so good. Just a few eons ago we had to worry about being eaten by a dinosaur, and in more recent times, face fears of famine or the plague. So if those worries are gone, and life provides us with air-conditioning, indoor plumbing, information at the touch of a button, and cures to many afflictions, why are humans so discontent?

Scientist have been studying this phenomenon and discovered “exciting” results. Turns out, no matter how cushy, glamorous, or zen your life is – life is still hard.

One scientist had this to say. “The results were interesting. Part of me is like, boo-friggin-hoo, but another part thought about my morning commute and that asshole who cut me off and how I wanted to bash my car into his. So I concur, life can be very hard.”

The question remains – why is life so hard – when we have it made? Scientists have discovered five mains reasons: 1) we are selfish 2) we are hypocrites 3) we have freewill 4) we are emotional and 5) we don’t really get along.

A stay at home mom who participated in this study, said, “Life is totally hard. I mean, I have to raise my bratty kids all by myself without a nanny. Years ago, people had help. Sure, they were called slaves, and I’m opposed to slavery, but if I could just find someone who wants to work for free, I would be more enthusiastic about life. My own mother won’t even work for free.”

That said, the study of humans is complex. We tend to reflect on life inaccurately and think of “simpler times” though those times may not have been simple at all. The bottom line is, often when we get what we want the joy is lost, so even the most successful are not as happy as you’d think.

A successful person who was reached for comment had this to say. “Do you know how hard it is to stay at the top? Sure, I’d like to take a vacation and not have my phone with me, but deep down I can’t stand my family, so work is my vacation while I’m on my vacation.”

In the meantime, humans are encouraged to practice mindfulness and meditation to realize that no matter how hard they have it, there is some poor sap out there who has it worse.

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