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Can you believe it? They are doing this show again! Married at First Sight is back for season 4, despite the fact that with the exception of season 1 where two of the three couples have managed to stay together, no one else has. This year the show is setting up couples for failure in Miami (pronounced My-yammy). In fact, thirty-three thousand desperate individuals signed up for this experiment, but only six were chosen.

MAFS New Coaches


Dr. Pepper Schwartz is back as the lead sociologist, but she now has two new sidekicks with her because the others most likely wanted to save their careers. Life coach Rachel DeAlto and Pastor Calvin Roberson are along for the ride. The “lucky” three couples are Sonia and Nick, Heather and Derek, and Tom and Lillian.


MAFS Nick and Sonia

Sonia is a sociologist originally from Costa Rica and Nick is a vacation rental manager from Ft. Lauderdale. They say they are both ready for marriage and love, but are they? When the news is broken to them, separately, that a match has been made they are both overwhelmed. They were matched because of similar education, ambition, energy, and family values. Good luck, you two!


MAFS Heather and Derek


Heather is a flight attendant with a fear of rejection. Wouldn’t it be funny if I said, flying. Anyhoo, she wants a relationship like dear old mom and dad who have been married for 35 years. Derek is an account executive who wants his relationship to be in the honeymoon phase forever. Uh-oh! Derek is ex-military and his parents were divorced when he was young. They were matched because they are both beautiful, yet quiet people.

MAFS Tom and Lillian


And lastly, Lillian is a realtor who is very affectionate, but her parent’s marriage fell apart when she left the nest. Tom is a self-professed free spirit who lives in a bus at an RV park. Women tend to run when they see this. They were matched because Tom is a creative guy who wants love and Lillian is a caring person who wants to give love. And they both have entrepreneurial spirits.


So the time comes when these “lucky” individuals have to break the news to friends and family. Up first is Nick and Sonia. Nick’s mom and her boyfriend go into instant denial, but are supportive in the end. Sonia’s dad is worried, but happy for his little girl.

Next is Tom and Lilian. Tom calls his brother Brian who thinks he’s being punked, but agrees to be best man. Lillian has a sit-down with her sister and friend, who are shocked. They didn’t even realize Lillian had a boyfriend. Oops, she didn’t. They tear up at Lillian’s excitement and want her to be happy.

And finally is Derek and Heather. Fun fact about Derek: his mom is his best friend. Although she is wringing her hands, she believes in her son, so she’s happy. Heather tells her parents via video chat. Heather is gorgeous. You’d think she could marry a pilot, but resorts to this? Turns out her parents married after only three months so they are on board for this crazy experiment.

Over the next two weeks, the participants pick out rings and dresses and tuxes. Derek picks a tux with a plaid bow tie and Heather picks a gown with a deep V-neck. Hello, boobs! Oh yeah, and hi to my new wife I’ve just met for the first time. Next up, Sonia’s dress is mermaid with a ruffled bottom. She hopes Nick thinks she’s hot. Spoiler alert: he does not. Nick picks out a ring for Sonia that the clerk says is the most common one for the modern girl. Mixed message, am I right? And lastly, Lillian picks out an elegant strapless gown with pearls sewn in, but apparently pearls are a sign of bad luck in her country so she picks out a simple white strapless gown. Tom picks out a traditional tux which is great because he originally asked about the Dumb and Dumber tux with a top hat.

MAFS Heather Dress MAFS Lillian Dress MAFS Sonia dress






So the bachelor and bachelorette parties happen and hilarity ensues. Sonia thought it would be fun to go to a drag queen show. It was lots of fun to have man-bits shoved in her face. Everyone is feeling anxiety about their upcoming wedding and there’s not enough alcohol to change that.

Finally it’s the wedding day! Heather is freaking out and crying. She says she doesn’t feel like herself. Lillian receives a gift from the producer’s her future husband Tom and it’s a pearl necklace. Should she wear it and risk the bad luck omen or not wear it and risk hurting Tom’s feelings? She decides not to wear it. And Sonia is the picture of calm compared to the other women, but has some nervous excitement. She’s looking forward to having a partner and sharing her life with someone.

MAFS Raining omen

So all of this buildup and we don’t get to see the bride and groom’s reaction seeing each other for the first time – that’s next week. Grr! What we do know is Tom and Sonia are having an outdoor wedding, and of course it starts to rain, then pour, then thunder and lightning. It occurs to no one to move the wedding inside. So I have no hope for this couple and Sonia might as well have worn the pearl necklace! In the clips the tease that Sonia considers changing her mind.

It’s hard to predict whether any of these couples will make it. I had high hopes last season, and one couple nearly didn’t make it to the end of the 60 days. But not to worry, the show will go on and maybe to a city near you!

Married at First Sight – Is Back Again?
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