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Did you know we are all just one mistake away from going to prison? Imagine that. You could be minding your own business, then bam, kill someone for stepping on your perfectly planted peonies. Or something to that effect. This week’s Random Recaps explores ID Channels new hit show, aptly titled, Women in Prison, though I wish they’d gone with their second choice, When Good Girls Go Bad.

WIP Emily

We are at the Rockville Correctional facility in Indiana where we meet Emily – who is shocked to find herself in prison – for the next 24 years. Imagine that. In 2009, as Emily worked her way through college at the check cashing company, it all came crashing down when she met Jake. Mmm-hmm. Blame it on a man. She would do anything for Jake – and that’s what put her behind bars – love. Not only does love kill, love jails. We learn that Emily was not raised this way when her mom and grandma visit. But then who is? Emily was raised as a church going, God fearing child, and regrets not asking her family for help when things got real.

WIP Valencia

Next we meet Valencia who never imagined she’d be behind bars either. She was working as a security officer who was sentenced to 30 years for her crime. It all started when Valencia answered a newspaper ad for Dial-a-Date. She became “Delicious” the 5’9” 200lb, single seeking love. This is another cautionary tale about choosing the wrong man, this one named Kevin.


WIP Sic pack


Valencia agrees to meet Kevin in person, but no worries because Kevin’s convinced her he’s not a weirdo, nor is he packing heat, which he proves by flashing his six-pack. Jackpot! Nothing could go wrong here. Flash forward to today, Valencia is struggling with anger issues behind bars. Cut her some slack, she’s only had four fights in eight years. And this girl has goals. Valencia is now a poet to help her deal with anger. So she has Kevin to thank for that.

WIP Heroin



Back to Emily, and hindsight is now 20/20 as she sees what a horrible choice Jake was, which led to other horrible choices like heroin. She tried it and liked it. Emily was fired from her job at the check cashing company, though she didn’t care because her addiction ruled her life. Emily began stealing to support it while her looser boyfriend Jake sat around on the couch.


WIP No GunSo where did it all go wrong for Valencia? She came home from work early one day. Never do this people!!! But she didn’t find Kevin in bed with another woman. No he was just hanging out with his homies, packaging cocaine to sell on the street. They be looking at Valenica like she be crazy when she walked in wearing a security uniform with a badge. They pull a gun, but good ole Kevin calms the situation with the old lady. Not long after, prince charming Kevin began hitting Valencia. She calls the police and Kevin is escorted out of there.


Back with Emily, the hardest part for her post-life destruction has been rebuilding her relationships with family members. Her father will visit her for the first time in the three years. Emily was eventually arrested for robbing a check cashing company. Imagine that. It was surprisingly easy for her. She pulled out a gun, asked for money, was given money, and left. Emily and Jake became Bonnie and Clyde, except “Clyde” was a slacker who made “Bonnie” do all the heavy lifting.

Flashback to 2005, Valencia has moved on after Kevin moved out. Or so she thought. She comes home to find Kevin in her bed, hiding under the covers. He was high on something and went berserk when Valencia threatened to call the po-po. Kevin pulled a knife and said he was going to kill her. Valencia got her own knife and stabbed this mo-fo. She ran outside and called her mom who then called the po-po.

It’s visiting day with Emily’s dad! He has Parkinson’s and shakes badly, and this added stress doesn’t help. He’s choked up with tears, but manages to tell Emily he loves her no matter what. No matter that she was the type of daughter who committed four robberies in eight days – he still loves her.

WIP TakedownLong story short, Emily was caught by cops is riot gear shortly after they saw themselves on the news. Emily was sentenced to 24 years for armed robbery, but here is the kicker – Emily protected her loser boyfriend Jake and didn’t tell the officers about his involvement. How about getaway-driver? Couldn’t they figure that out? Due to lack of evidence, Jake was never arrested. Emily is working on writing a letter to Jake to tell him what a loser his is. And even though Emily seems like a sweet girl (now) she is where she belongs.

WIP Poetry Slam

Valencia is a different story. Kevin died from his injuries and she turned herself in. She’s been locked up ever since for voluntary manslaughter. Now I get why she’s so angry! Let this be a lesson to us all – get rid of the “Kevin’s” sooner. In the meantime, Valencia is performing her poetry at the prison chapel. So she has Kevin to thank for that, too. Hopefully someone with the: wrongfully committed committee will see this (or read this) and donate an attorney who gives a damn to Valencia. It may not be Making a Murderer but it could qualify as Chicks with Dicks.

Random Recap – Women in Prison
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