Breaking news! Scientist have discovered athletes across the world may be approaching the limits of their physical potential. One only has to look at the recent Rio Olympics to see that on the mat or in the pool, athletes weren’t breaking as many records, in  fact, some scores reflected a slowing pace. So what’s a coach to do? According to the journal, Sports Medicine, it’s time to unlock the powers of the brain.

“We have always known the strongest muscle in the body is the brain,” explained one researcher. “And when athletes stop breaking records, it could lead to breaking laws or making up stories about being robbed. It’s a real conundrum.”

So how can coaches approach learning how to maximize the brain? Scientist say by using the tried and true system students have depended on for hundreds of years: the ubiquitous flashcards. Take baseball players, batters must make a split-second decision on whether or not to swing. Training the brain to make quick judgments based on only a sliver of information has helped the individual athlete become more comfortable with rendering quick decisions and trusting that gut instinct.

“I used to be really good at making good decisions,” said a gold and silver medalist who spoke on the condition of anonymity, “But with the pressure of coaches and sponsors and your girlfriend wanting to know where you are at five in the morning, and needing to take a piss, things get over-exaggerated. Did I mention the sponsors?”

Contrary to life, bigger isn’t always better , says the male scientist. And another way to aid “brain” growth is focusing on your specialty. For example, the  soccer player who has a wicked head shot into the goal – more attention and practice in this area will maximize his “thing.”

“There’s life beyond our, I mean, your physical limitations. The way to outsmart an opponent is with emotional intelligence. That could mean simply ignoring the jerk air-boxing in front of you or by simply choosing not to lie about the night’s events. Natural abilities only take an athlete so far.”

Breaking News! Have Athletes Maxed Out Their Potential?
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