No Guts No GloryAccording to Scientists: No Guts, No Glory is now called Know Guts, Know Glory

You read that right! At this very moment, there are billions of bacteria swimming around our bodies. They are called probiotics and their job is to stimulate the development and function of the immune system. However, according to scientists they have made an even more “exciting” discovery. Probiotics play an important part in our mental health development, meaning, if your gut isn’t healthy, you can’t listen to your gut. And if you can’t listen to it, how can you be expected to follow it? Here’s how it works.

“We ran the tests on the rats first,” explained the scientist, “because at any given moment in a large research hospital you will have around 30 thousand rodents in the basement. Normally I save this fun fact for career day at the elementary schools, but feel free to share it with your readers.”

The rats are then placed into two groups: Group A and Group B. For ten weeks, Group A is given fibers that are resistant to digestive enzymes but rich in fermentation. And Group B gets the regular rat food. The next step is to conduct tests that will create anxiety and depression in the rats.

“I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I really love my job,” the scientist revealed. “So after we stress out the rats, Group A showed less signs of suffering…I mean distress.”

So what foods are richest in natural fiber and probiotics so we can all benefit like the rats? Raw onions, garlic, leeks, lentils, asparagus and bananas are a few of the choices. Start by eating a non-westernized diet. Studies show that countries not following a North American or European diet have a healthier gut, and this promotes a better connection with calming the stomach and making better decisions.

“So that’s why I married a mail-order bride from Japan,” the scientist over-shared. “She cooks all the right foods. Not like the other three. Germany, Russian, Guadalajara, all tried to go “American” on me. I ended that experiment. Just like science, it’s about the greater good.”

Breaking News! No Guts, No Glory is now Know Guts, Know Glory
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