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Do you believe in psychics? Apparently the stars do, and by stars, I mean not quite A-list celebrities. Tyler Henry is a gifted twenty year-old medium who is taking Hollywood by storm, having received the stamp of approval from Today Show host, Matt Lauer. So if Matt says so, Tyler must be the real deal.

On this week’s episode of Hollywood Medium, everyone gets all teary-eyed, but I think that happens every week, so if you don’t like the soft stuff, change the channel. And Tyler never knows who he’s meeting beforehand, instead he prefers to pick up the vibes along the way. This week it’ll be Jennifer Esposito, Whitney Port, and Kris Jenner. If you’re saying, “Who the hell are they?” to two of them, bear with me and I’ll explain.

First a bit more on Tyler. He likes to doodle and the spirits from beyond send him messages. Since, he doesn’t like to know who the client is, it’s so funny when Tyler gets to the door and really has no idea who the “celebrity” is. He’s only 20. He can’t be expected to know who Boy George is. Tyler has been connecting with the other side since he was ten year-old.HM TH

First up, Tyler travels from L.A. to NYC to Jennifer’s Way bakery. Get out the tissue. Tyler doesn’t know who she is but first connects with Jennifer’s recovering-alcoholic maternal grandfather who has “changed for the better” now that he’s no longer drinking. Apparently there are no bars in his heaven and he’s happy with that. My concern is, what kind of heaven is this? But great news for Jennifer! She will soon be opening a second bakery and finally publishing that cook book. So much for the acting career. Next, Jennifer gives Tyler a black and white polka-dot bow. Tyler connects with a Frank. Uh-oh. Who’s Frank? And why is he wearing a bow? Jennifer holds back tears as she explains that Franky was her golden retriever who just passed away three weeks ago. It was his polka dot bow-tie! He was with Jennifer through all her ups and downs. And even greater news – it’s true! All dogs do go to heaven and he is with the dog Jennifer had before Frankie. Sniff, sniff.

HM Jennifer Esposito

Second non A-lister Tyler is meeting with is Whitney Port from the reality show The Hills. Whitney has her entire family there for this reading in L.A, but listening from another room – and that’s not creepy at all. Whitney is a skeptic but desperately wants to connect with someone who’s passed away three years ago. The object this time is a pair of pajama pants from her dead friend. Tyler doodles and says he’s “referencing” a father-figure who is “referencing” five people. That’s how many people are in Whitney’s family. Tyler asks about Jeff. Turns out their father’s name was Jeffrey. And Jeffery wants everyone to know he’s fine now and his back no longer hurts. Tyler points to his kidney and Whitney acknowledges her father died from kidney cancer.


Whitney’s mom is crying quietly in the other room, asking if this is really happening. Tyler mentions their father was too sick to have a last conversation and Whitney admits he couldn’t talk for the last two months of his battle. Tyler asks if her father was originally misdiagnosed, and we learn this is true, too. Spooky! But he says the same

outcome would have occurred. Jeffrey sends a message that his wife is the strongest one in the family, and sends a kiss to her forehead. Whitney receives closure. Yay!

And lastly is Kris Kardashian. Finally Tyler recognizes someone! And he’s a little start struck. When they sit down, Kris controls the conversation. Cut to Khloe Kardashian, who is in a different room, yelling at a monitor for her mom to shut up and listen. Kris wants to know about her health and Tyler says her vision is becoming a problem. Kris is amazed. She’s told no one of this information. Imagine that! An aging women with failing eyesight. What are the odds?


Next up is the object which is a velvety book. There is a reference to a William. We learn from Khloe this is Caitlyn Jenner’s stepdad. He’s probably a little confused, but there is reference to a tree and we learn William was a tree surgeon. Interesting, right? William is with his deceased son who was killed in a car accident. And then another family member connects who was also killed in a car wreck, and I’m thinking, flying is their friend. Tyler finally connects with Robert Kardashian. He wants Tyler to acknowledge the word “monkey.” This was his stuffed animal that Khloe now has, but I think Robert was really saying the word, “guilty.”

Lastly is the mention of the window in that room. Kris is freaked out because she was just thinking of replacing that window and has told no one. Tyler says these details are coming from Robert. Tears barely come to Kris’ eyes, but they can be seen with a microscope.

At this point my attention wanders, and I’m focused on Kris’ shoes. Where can I get these black lace booties, work of art? Khloe leaves the backroom and joins her mother to validate that Tyler is right and she is stupid. So it’s got to be true. It’s not like Tyler could have looked this stuff up on line, I mean these people are so private.


As Tyler leaves he can’t even speak due to his star-struckedness of the Kardashians. When he tells his assistant, she is also star-struck and nearly rear ends the car in front of her. And Tyler didn’t warn her ahead of time. How rude! But I like this kid – even if he can’t predict what’s going to happen to him.

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